The Painterly Pack Customizer Tool

Updated for use with Minecraft 1.8 and earlier.

The Customizer allows you to create a personalized Minecraft texture pack, by selecting from a variety of options for each texture. When you've made your selections, click 'Create my Painterly Pack' to download a fully-assembled, ready to go zip file! Simply place the zip file in your Minecraft resource packs folder using the in-game menu option, select it from the list of installed resource packs, and you're good to go! Each customized pack contains a password.txt file you can use by clicking here which lets you load that pack's chosen options directly into the customizer!

Items with golden-brown text were created as part of the Painterly Telethon, as free-for-all requests by fans in exchange for their generous donations. Each one lists the name of the person who donated towards the creation of that specific texture by Rhodox!

Although the Painterly Pack is provided free of charge, a great deal of time, effort and testing has gone into making it what it is today. All donations help, and are extremely appreciated!

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