Grass & Dirt

A lusher grass, more textured dirt, and richer tilled soil are all available through Painterly.

Due to popular demand, a plethora of alternate grasses are now also available for your lawn-making pleasure, covering the entire spectrum of... uh... green. If the light olive grass wasn't your thing, there is now a darker olive grass, a minty pale green, a traditional light green, a stately 'normal' green grass, and a stalwart, boreal dark green grass. Mix and match them with the tree textures and plant options to imitate a wide variety of climates and biomes!

Some people find the default grass texture too 'noisy'. Well don't fret! I've taken you fine folks into consideration, and a series of 'smooth' grasses has been released as well. You can get these easier-on-the-eyes grasses in light and dark green grass tones, moss-colour, deep pine green, and pool table lime.

If green grass isn't your thing, there's also three grim versions of grass included - withered yellow grass, a dying fading sickly green, and a fully dead brown grass, for fulfilling all your modern day bloom-filled gaming experiences, or just making an accurate autumn look. Also for the autumn feel is two leaf-cover ground textures, in yellow and red, plus a bonus silvermarsh-type pale swamp grass colour.

The grass texture along the sides of the grass blocks is available in 3 lengths for additional customization options: the classic 1/3 block length, a 2/3 block length, and the entire surface of the block, for a truly 'grassy' block texture.

For winter-themed worlds, snow instead of grass is now an option you can select. Enjoy the permafrost and biting cold, with regular, wavy, and 'crunchy' snow options.

A biome-compliant grass texture is of course an option, should you not wish to have static grass in a colour of your choosing. Biome-compliant grass is available in normal, RPG, light smooth, and dark smooth grass patterns.

Weird grass is something you can choose from if you like, just to mix it up. Included in normal and biome variants are both a striped golf-course style grass, as well as a textured 'carpet' grass that was created by the amazingly talented ZekeySpaceyLizard and adapted for painterly. Check out his amazing work at: You can also use Mirrodin-style hexagonal grass in normal, metal, biome and ice crystal forms, to strange things up a bit.

Also note, that at great personal effort, new dirt textures are finally here as well! Through no small feat of engineering, players can now select from four dirt types - dry and parched drought dirt, the original basic dirt, a wet rainforest soil, and a ruddy Oklahoma red. You've also got a lighter and darker dirt option, based on the original minecraft graphics dirt! The selection made will automatically propigate to the grass and snow styles and lengths you choose, for ease of use.

Tilled crops likewise come in styles to roughly match each of the dirt types, as well as variants for the wet tilled soil in drought and rainforest varieties, which contain tiny plants and sprouts.


A.K.A. Mushroom Grass, Mycelium is found on the terra firma of the elusive mushroom biomes, and here at Painterly we've pulled out all the stops! Pick from a whopping 11 types of Mycelium surface - a type to match each of the 7 giant mushroom colours, a mushroom 'stem' option, spotted white and spotted purple 'classic' options, a 'Mirrodin' style hexagonal mycelium, and twisting mushroom roots.

Of course, as with Painterly grass, you can pick from long or short sides on your mushroom grass, and can match it with all 4 Painterly dirt styles. Get 'shroomin with Painterly Pack!

Sand, Silt and Glass

The sand and silt of shorelines are more colourful, and the glass features wood trim to create dazzling windows, or for use as a faux construction scaffolding. Although it's no longer in game, the sponge is also updated and included for good measure.

Also available are a light monochromatic gravel, a higher-contrast medium-dark gravel, and a darker gravel to match the flint graphic and stand out better against light stone. Icy gravel is available as well. These gravel shades are available in both traditional-style gravel, as well as layered shale, for all your gravelling needs.

Furthermore, there's a smoother sand, as well as a lovely rippled sand texture provided by internet sensation vexxy, 'Mirrodin' style base and metal 'sand' in normal and tarnished textures, and as well, there's a gazillion alternate glass tiles: alternate borders to match light wood, stone, silt, red clay bricks and bluegrey clay bricks, mesh screen, dungeon-style ornamental metal grates, prison cell bars, two types of grates, a metal cage, a thick metal frame, a pure glass-border window, and three 'classic' style windows - plain with shimmering corners, 'original style' bordered glass with streaks, and a borderless, streak-only pane that will make your fortress dapper. If course, each glass texture has a matching pane side texture, selected automatically when you choose your glass on the customizer.

If you don't want glass windows or metal bars, don't fret! A chinese style painted wood window and a modern whitewashed windowframe are options, as are 4 styles of wooden trellises in both wood colours. Make your gardens beautiful!

For winter worlds, 'wavy' shore-swept snowy sand and snow-frosted glass are now supplied, totally free of charge, with the glass available in a few common varieties. For your modern worlds, gravel also comes in concrete, concrete blocks, and asphalt.

Reinforced Glass

A product of the ever popular "Mystic Ores" mod, Reinforced Glass is created with glass and obsidian shards, and functions similar to regular glass, but with the explosive resistance of obsidian. Great for making chicken particle colliders and other tools of SCIENCE.

Reinforced Glass comes in various metal, purple obsidian and black obsidian textures, including normal paitnerly glass style, classic glass, glass panes, thick-bordered glass, fine, thin and thick meshes, dungeon-style ornate grates, and prison bars. Get creative with your nigh-indestructible windows, everyone!


Use your mighty tree-punching fists to blast sand into these amazing spider-resistant bricks!

By default, sandstone comes in a worn and aged pattern for that special 'ancient desert' look, but if you want, you can customize it to instead look like smooth-topped cobblesand, smooth-topped brick sand, sand bricks, sand cobblestone, sand pillars, smooth-topped sand pillars, realistic-styled impacted sand with and without smooth tops, or even egyptian-style blocks covered in heiroglyphs.

For those who want something a little out of the ordinary for their sandstone, a few options exist. Zen garden-like rocky sand, concrete, concrete blocks, sidewalk slabs, and weathered pavement blocks are all options, to mix things up a bit, as well as some decorative vases for those playing in creative (we don't reccomend them for normal play, but hey, whatever floats your boat).

Patch 1.2.4 introduced two ornamental sandstone blocks, so of course options for these have been added. The basic ornamental sandstone block set includes the default sandstone faces, as well as square, creeper, sigil and line glyph blocks, a square inset sandstone block, and a faded ancient rhodox glyph.

Snow & Ice

Snow worlds get a slightly modified snow texture that's a bit easier on the eyes, and ice flows that have a bit of substance to them. Like grass, snow can be set to run 1/3, 2/3 or completely down the sides of blocks in the Customizer.

Available for variety's sake for all your winter biomes and the like, is a lighter-coloured ice, a 'Mirrodin' style hexagonal icy ground cover, a wavy windswept snow cover, and a 'crunchy' snow layer, too.


Perhaps one of the more drastic materials changes, the clay is now an earthy red clay in all its forms, to match the bricks and brick walls that are forged from it. It just makes sense, and it looks great on shorelines too!

If this change is too drastic for you, alternate clay is included that much more closely matches the blue-grey of the original, as well as matching blue-grey bricks and brick textures. For something in between, orange clay and bricks can be selected as well.

If the traditional brick options aren't your thing, there's also a few alternate brick types - a large brick option by Mug of Bro, worn mortarless bricks, and rough hewn stone with mortar. They're available in all thre colour options, with multcoloured options for the aged and hewn bricks, should you want them. Of course, there's rough hewn stone brick icons to choose from, if you go with these non-traditional brick styles.

If a holiday flair is what you're after, a more whimiscal option that replaces the clay with dough, the bricks with gingerbread and the brick icons with cookies, is also an option. Should you want a more subtle variation, a multicoloured brick wall option has been provided by internet brick baron Bailey Matutine.

Three different brick icons are included - the default large brick, a smaller brick, and a stack.


Smooth stone and cobblestone alike got an overhaul to fit the Painterly theme, and half-blocks of stone are now made from worked marble, to give a bit of class and variety to stoneworks across Painterly worlds. Cobblestone comes in two varieties in game (cobble and brick), and you can set any texture you like to either!

Nine alternate cobblestone options are available: a 'brick' cobblestone, a small brick cobblestone, two types of french tile patterns, aged bricks, a version with larger stone pieces, a Sonic the Hedgehog-inspired Marble Garden pattern, quarter- and sixteenth-tile panelling, and a marble 'marker' tile, useful for accenting smooth stone walls or marking your way in dungeons. It should be noted that the marker blocks look pretty terrible as stairs, but the others look just fine.

If that's not enough to tickle your fancy, then you will be pleased to know a lighter stone variant is also included, with all the normal variants for cobblestone included to match. There's also a shingles option for making modern-style rooftops!

Included by popular demand, is also a pair of 'realistic' stone textures - one in each stone colour! These lovely stone surfaces have a loose rock surface that blends with ore and dirt alike, and of course, matching detailed cobblestone and brick to keep things looking sharp. For those of you wanting a more modern look, or just something a little different, a concrete-style stone option is included as well, in both stone colours, of course.

For those who want cobblestone that is wildly different from their smooth stone, but still immediately recognizable as stone, a medium-grey 'dungeon' brick texture can be selected for cobblestone, which goes great with both light and dark stone. It comes in standard brick, as well as decorative trim variants.

This Very Painterly Christmas, why not get out and explore the real winter wastelands? Glacial ice is now an optional replacement for stone to complete any winter theme, allowing intrepid adventurers to brave deadly ice caverns in search of treasures encased in the cavern walls.

Since there is only a single custom-texture half-block in the entire game, it seems like a cruel waste to have it only available as marble. Therefore, even though it breaks continuity and immersion somewhat with crafting table conflicts, I've taken the liberty of setting up many commonly-used tile variants for the half-block, to create half blocks of just about any normal material you could want: smooth stone, concrete, dungeon-style bricks, hazard blocks, vents, checkerboard floors, and all the various cobblestones in both colours, marble garden stone in both base colours and with and without moss, red and bluegrey bricks, wood, finished wood in both colour and plank style options, iron, decorative iron, gold, decorative gold, a warm quilt, christmas presents, snow and ice, candy cane, dungeon bricks, and even bookcase options for truly impressive library creation.


Make your mining count! No longer be content to find a few colour-coded dots of ore, but rather manly, meaty chunks of precious materials, fit for the most epic and discerning of projects.

For those who want to use the lighter stone, of course alternate light stone ores have been included. Furthermore, those using the deadbone alternate for redstone will find the redstone also has a matching, fossilized replacement to keep things consistent, and those using the candy redstone will find a similarly-matched jellybean ore. Similarly, those using the 'realistic' stone texture can pick from matching options, although the old ore is still compatable with the new stone, as well as the new ore with the old stone.

By popular demand, a variety of 'Doku-style' ores have also been added, changing up the usual veins of material for hearty chunks embedded in the stone. A perfect compliment to any cave system.

For winterland explorers, glacial ice ore blocks and deep-earth garland lichens are included for a variety of winter-themed mining options. Find ancient treasures entombed in the ice, or craft mysterious cthonic vegetation into diabolical machines.

A popular request in the past has been for more easily visible ores - and they have been added! In addition to the traditional ores on light and dark stone, large, high-visibility ores have been added as options, in the endearing square style of the Minecraft world. These ore options will make treasure hunting easier, and more enriching. High-contrast versions of iron ore are also available for those who had trouble seeing the old iron colours, as well as a coal alternate that more closely matches the other ore blocks, instead of looking like its own sort of block style.

Several additional ore textures were also added thanks to the Painterly Telethon - a uniform 'chunk' graphic set for iron, gold and diamond blocks, smiley creeper face iron and gold decorative ores, a chaos emerald-style diamond ore, bismuth, a 'tri gem' redstone, and a redstone geode. I hope with these new additions the cave scene looks much more lovely and intense!

Mystic Ore

The namesake of the wildly popular Mystic Ores mod, mystic ores come in four fantastic variations: verdite, mithril, adamantite and iridium.

Verdite, a common ore between stone and iron in strength, frees up your iron for more useful projects at the expense of slightly worse tool stats. This green ore comes in a variety of metal, floral, and metal/floral hybrid options, as well as a variant bronze option for those who want to tone down the 'mystic' side of their ores a tad.

Mithril bridges the gap between iron and diamond tools, and is a radiant violet-white ore. To make it easier to spot on rock surfaces, mithril nuggets embedded in obsidian seams are options for this wonderful alternative to diamond and iron tools.

Adamantite is an extremely rare orange-red ore used for making the strongest of the standard tools. Adamantite comes in normal metal and 'living metal' options - indeed, a mysterious ore that does not seem to belong on this realm. Could it be that the nether is leaking in, or something more sinister?

Finally, Iridium is the most powerful of all ores - it pulses with a glowing energy and just might sterilize your cat if you swing the tools around too often. Who knows? What we do know here at Painterly Pack labs, is that refining it with adamantite creates the most powerful tools imaginable, though, you can always just use the glowing nuggets as furnace fuel, too! For those who want a less radioactive variant, starmetal is an option, represented by meteorites, fallen from deep within mine-space.

Mystic Gems

Another hallmark of the Mystic Ores mod, the Mystic gems come in amethyst, sapphire, emerald and topaz varieties, and are available in Painterly as both gem shards, and more fantastic gem orbs. These gems can be found high in mountaintops, and can be surrounded by various resources to transmute them into new forms. What transmutations are possible? Well, you'll have to figure that out for yourself. You can also mix all 4 gems together to create powder useful for doubling quantities of certain types of items. Handy!

For those who want a slight variation on their Topaz, a bug-studded amber variant is available, in the ever popular bee theme. Maybe relics of an ancient bee hell era. Maybe not.


A fun little block added by the Randomite mod. (A shock, I know!) Represented in both rainbow ore and myserious 'Mario ore' varieties, smashing this fella open can reward you with an egg, coal, iron, gold, or, if you're super lucky, a diamond. Test your luck, good sirs and madams.

Sulphur and Niter

Sulphur and Niter are key components, along with Charcoal (not regular coal!) of creating gunpowder, and several other items, thanks to the magic of HogofWar's PeacefulPack.

Sulphur and Niter ore blocks are always found together, and come in 3 basic styles available in light or dark stone - classic Painterly ore style, fancy painterly ore style, and RPG style - as well as an ice version for all your Very Painterly Christmas users.

The mined ores themselves also have a few options - sulphur powder, large and small crystals, or a spiny burst of crystallized ore for sulphur blocks, and powder, powder collected in a bowl, raw crystals, and broken shards of niter vein for niter blocks.

Of course, to use these items you need HogofWar's Peacefulpack, or the Amazopack.


HogofWar's PeacefulPack introduces Fossils to the game - mined normally, an alternate way to get bones, and mined with a softer golden pick to create snazzy decorative blocks. There's 3 types of fossils added to the game (all functionally identical) and you never know where they're gonna turn up!

Fossils come in a rather large variety of options, and can be set in your choice of dark or light stone, or embedded in glacial ice. In addition to the festive Hallowe'en style 'deadbone' option, there is also an option for skulls, and an ancient fossilized creeper.

For those wanting a more traditional fossil set, there's dinosaur and coelacanth fossils to use. Coelacanth fossils combine to make the complete fish, and similarly, you can mix and match the dinosaur fossils to make a few different types of dinos - a short stout little parasaurolophus sort of fellow, a longer-tailed pseudo-stegosaurus guy, or, for all you metroid fans, a winged dragon-type fossil that looks suspiciously like a certain boss of Norfair...

Finally, there's a trilobite option, because let's face it - trilobites are pretty freakin' awesome. There's no debating this fact - you know it to be true.

As noted before, to use these items you need HogofWar's Peacefulpack, or the Amazopack.

Iron Cage Bars

Often found dotting various ancient ruins and dungeons, these metal bars can be used for a variety of uses, from cells and cages to fences or windows. Painterly offers many types of bars to pick from, including classic and compact styles, cell bars, chain-link fences, grates, mesh, and even a spooky graveyard fence.

For those who want additional options in setting up gardens and the like, the various wood trellis options have also been added as iron cage textures, increasing the amount of options you have, at the cost of a little bit of recipe logic.


Iron blocks are available in many varieties - a mechanical gearbox perfect for booster stations or clock towers, a more traditional solid iron cube that better matches the original iron texture, an iron panel, iron plating with and without rivets, an industrial vent, a grate, large and small ingots, small ingots stacked in a 'brick' style for truly opulent palaces, ornate iron cubes, 'zelda'-style iron cubes, crates filled with ingots in both wood colours, blocks ornamented with a crescent moon, blocks ornamented with a smiling creeper face, and an iron-inset obsidian stone for decoration in black and purple.

If you just want spoils for your treasure chamber, then a stack of minecraft currency (I'm calling them "mojangs") are available in the iron denomination, as well as a coin stack texture. Several ingot options round out the list.


Like iron, gold is available in several varieties - a slightly stylized block with a decorative cartouche, the traditional solid gold cube for more 'vanilla' opulence, gold panels, the same varieties of ingots in and out of crates, the stacked 'brick' ingots, plating with and without rivets, ornate gold cubes, zelda-style gold cubes, an ornamental star block, a gold star inset obsidian, a decorative smiling creeper face block, and a larger denominational mojang coin. As with iron, several ingot varieties are included.


When it comes down to it, forging diamonds into blocks doesn't really make sense, which is why I handwaved it with the awesome power of redstone - used to, I dunno, reassemble and grow diamonds organically into blocks from their consituent components, or something. This reconstituted redstone comes in 3 convenient varieties.

If that's too far-fetched for you, rest assured that there's still the solid diamond block alternate, as with gold and iron, in 'block', cube, ornamental cube, zelda cube, gemstone, a piece of bismuth, and cut gemstone varieties, a pile of loose diamond slag, diamond shards in crates of both wood colours, and ornamental star insets in a piece of obsidian.

Lapis Lazuli

This gorgeous blue rock can of course be condensed into blocks like most other ores, and makes a beautiful blue marbled tile for you to play with.

For those who want a little variety, there are panel-edged blocks available for checkerboarding with marble in three styles, zelda-type blocks to match the iron, gold and diamond ones, gold-trimmed ornate blocks for opulenting up your palaces, and some planetary blocks in obsidian to match the other obsidian decorative styles.

Delay Circuits

These handly little tools are all the rage with budding redwire enthusiasts, sperglords, and music men everywhere. Painterly gives players a range of delay blocks, which run the gamut from ancient to modern.

Marble panel delay circuits can be taken in plain, arrow, or ornate versions, or as a science-laden panel with an attached resistor (in two colour choices). For those wanting a more modern look, a circuit board is an option as well. Inventory icons for delay circuits are available in classic, iconic, and circuit board styles.


Add a little terror to discovering dungeons with these new textures - a 'creeper larvae'-infested monster spawner block, and a mossy cobblestone replacement made of creeper larvae still in the process of corrupting their particular piece of stone. Harvest them to forge a home from the compressed souls of the damned.

A myriad of options are available here: a more classic 'cold iron cage' version of the monster spawner, various ornate monster cages with or without different creeper insignias, a 'mass of eyes' creeper spawner, and a chinese style box, as well as traditional, actually-mossy mossy cobblestone available in the normal, brick, large and marker cobblestone varieties - in both stone colours, of course. For those using the 'realistic' cobblestone, bricks and/or smooth stone, a mossy version is included, as well as decorative blocks in the detailed cobble, detailed brick, and dungeon brick, featuring vines of both red, and yellow, flowers in small and large sizes, and updated marker blocks.

Should you want to shy away from the moss, but still want a ruinous dungeon atmosphere, there are two creeper-faced 'dungeon' cobblestone blocks, aged bricks in dark and light stone, and also shattered versions of both colours of large and small tile patterns for the cobblestone. The various dungeon-styled cobblestones, and Sonic-inspired Marble Garden blocks are found here both with and without moss, as well.

In the case of cobblestone brick options, the 4-tile, brick, aligned brick and fancy brick options have cracked variants are available for your atmospheric stronghold needs.

For those who have changed their stone to glacier, matching mossy 'cobblestone' is of course included to keep things consistent. You can find frozen creepers, ice-encased moss in brick and cobble varieties, and flowers flash-frozen, trapped and preserved under ice.

Heck, if you're still at a loss, there's basalt, marble, and marble slab options, too!

Ornamental Stone

Ornamental stone blocks were added in the 1.2.4 patch, and allow you some additional decorative options in creative move. Painterly adds a plethora of decorative stone styles to pick from, designed to mesh with your existing cobblestone and mossy cobblestone options.

There are creeper face, creeper brick, various panel, screaming mouth, marker block, updated marker block, small smashed tile, and large smashed tile blocks in light and dark stone, as well as several panel and slab options for marble. You can also pick from gearboxes, and light and dark stone mossy brick and cobble, with the option of large or small, red or yellow flowers, if desired.

The marble garden stone makes a reappearance here, as well, and if none of those options tickle your fancy, you can also choose from raw marble, basalt, or roof shingle options.


With the advent of the special ornamental blocks, we here at Painterly sought fit to give you some outside-the-box options for them - namely, the ability to create stately marble pillars.

Choose from simple, wide, or greek-style columns for your pillars, and plain, fancy, or greek-style bases and tops. Mix and match to your heart's content, though you should probably keep the column type the same so they all line up. You can use the two sandstone ornamental blocks, as well as the stone ornamental block, to set up your pillars as desired.


Enjoy a more richly-coloured, perhaps psychotropic indestructible black heart of the earth. If that's too far out for you, there are three alternates to choose from - a monochromatic version of the Painterly obsidian, a second version created by BARONS DEF CHARGER specifically for this pack, snowflake obisian, and lava-streaked black stone, perfect for hellish nethergates.


Choose from a whopping six options for bedrock, depending on which particular version of the Painterly world creation myth you ascribe to. The default bedrock is a 'doom' inspired living internal organ 'hell' bedrock, though a petrified 'the gods are dead' version of the same is also included.

Also to be had, are a more Nether-ly coloured hellish bedrock, a more mundane and traditional plain stone bedrock created by BARONS DEF CHARGER specifically for this pack, a lighter stone bedrock inspired by the original game texture bedrock which blends more nicely with stone and ore (available in both stone texture colours), dark heavy-packed ice in sheet and panel form, delicious candy cane (seriously!), caution strips, endless fields of ancient, earthy bones (with and without glowing skulls), and even a rather fantastical Kurmaraja turtleshell texture, on whose cosmic back the world rests.


A plain white cloth texture suitable for not just cloth, but whitewashed walls or even carpeted floors, as well as a snuggly warm quilt texture for those cold autumn and winter nights, a frequently-requested stitched-edge cloth piece, a quilt pattern inspired by the grass design of ZekeySpaceyLizard in both plain, and a variety of unique dyed block patterns, and a more tweedy, textured cloth created by BARONS DEF CHARGER specifically for this pack.

For those who want a change of pace, a rather whimsical pirate flag pattern is an option, as well as a mixed black and white checkerboard pattern - perfect for flooring. You can even get the checkerboard in black and colour, or two-tone colour for dyes - just keep the lava and fire away!

As purely decorative options, two cloth variants exist - lineblocks and modern patterns. Lineblocks feature a variety of line combinations painted on white cloth blocks, allowing you to use cloth blocks to spell out messages, make maps or diagrams, and more. Experience modern minecraft living with the modern patterns, which allow you to create faux structural elements to modern up your minecraft homes, including several wood and brick textures, red, blue and green carpets and wallpaper, and tiled flooring.

Based on a marvellous idea sent to me by one Sketch of the internet, a set of cloth blocks have been added to create a chess board, as well. Included in the set are the basic board squares, a board trim, and markers to represent every piece in both colours. Collect the whole set and have a blast!

For those who want to experience the amazing world of stone pillars, and are willing to sacrifice dyed cloth instead of decorative blocks, a 'pillars' option is here, with two types of pillars represented in all 3 top and bottom options, as well as some marble and marble slabs to round the set out.

Another, more dramatic option for cloth is also available, which takes advantage of the multitude of new texture slots the cloth dyeing system enables. This alternative option allows you to convert your cloth blocks into a variety of signs or markers, for just about any minecraft occasion or development. These signs are available in light and dark wood trim, and can be chosen either as a uniform white cloth background, or with varied cloth backgrounds and styles. More information on what each sign represents can be found in the resources section under the rest of the dye options.


There's now more definition on the trees, and a richer, more layered leaf texture for the foliage. Saplings are now vaguely reminiscent of bonsai trees, cedar saplings and baby birches, great for planting mighty forests, or just kept small as decorations in your home.

There are eleven options for bark - light and dark oak, young and aged pine, classic and dark palm, two varieties of red tibetan cherry bark, 'monster bark' in creeper pine variants and zombie-face, rough bark in two tones, jungle tree bark in two tones, and light and dark birch both with and without black spots. There's also an 'aged' option for the log interiors. The forest world is your wood oyster!

If you don't care for the default trees, fret not! An updated leaf texture which blends more smoothly when viewed at a distance has been created, and is available in the original olive, a rich green, and a darker, pine-like green, for creating the look you most desire. Each of these new leaf textures also has a corresponding sapling graphic, if you don't care to use the default bonsai. A cedar bonsai, a robust miniature oak, a woody shrub, a tiny leafy shrub, a 'wild' oak and birch sapling, autumn birch saplings, darker birch saplings, a small palm tree, and various jungle saplings with just leaves, fruit, or cocoa pods, are also available as sapling options, to mix things up a bit.

A wide variety of jungle-themed leaves are yours for the picking - two shades of green exist for both classic-style jungle leaves and mangrove-style leaves, and each version can be taken in a traditional green leaves and pods option, classic minecraft-emulating leaves with fruit, or as leafy blocks with embedded cocoa pods.

Should even THOSE new leaf textures not be to your liking, then a third leaf texture is available too! This third leaf texture is available in a variety of natural hues and matches well with both the original and the smooth grass types. This broad leafy texture comes in light, medium, dark and deep greens, as well as a mossy yellow-green and a dark moss tone.

If harvest time is more your style, then there's tree options for that, too! Leaf textures for autumn graphic setups can be found in a dying leaf pattern, as well as yellow, orange, and red tree leaves. Included with these is an autumntime sapling, and a sad, dead little twig, for the authentic experience. On the other end of the spectrum, spring silvermarches leaves are available in silvery-grey and silver-brown, as well as cherry blossom petals in both white and pink.

Of course, a pine needle leaf texture is also included, to complete the pine tree look, with a matching sapling to boot, available in pine, spruce and cedar. Should you find yourself in the holiday season, an option to string up decorations on those pine trees is here as well. Happy holidays!

Of course, a biome-compliant leaf texture is also included, in regular, broad leaf, darker broad leaf, mangrove, jungle, and pine, for those who wish to use biome-type leaves instead of leaves of their chosen colours.

Refined Wood & Craft

All finished wood in the Painterly Pack is now a rich, stained mahogany. If you're going to build massive structurally-unsound firetraps, might as well do it in style. Crafting tables now feature a variety of handy tools, and a reworked, more stylish 3x3 grid tablecloth.

A few new crafting table variants have at long last appeared - a 'modern' dresser type table, and an 'ancient' rough wood version can be found, in light, dark, raw, aged, chestnut or pecan wood styles.

Lighter-coloured wood plank and crafting table variants are also available, which more closely match the wood plank style and colours of the original game textures, as well as raw, aged, chestnut or pecan versions if either of those aren't your style. Also included are four lovely variants on the wood texture provided by internet man of the hour, Wrongway Feldman: wood furniture-style planking, and wood crates, in both wood tones. Inspired by Feldman's crate and plank designs are another pair of 'fancy' planks and crates in both colours, for those who want to jazz up their wooden constructs.

Should the short planks not do it for you, rest assured knowing there's an option for more 'classic styled' wood planks as well - in all colours, as well as thick, heavy-nailed boards, wide wooden slats, whitewashed siding, and modern shingles.

As of patch 1.2.4, non-oak trees provide additional slab types, largely for cosmetic or decorative purposes. In addition to being able to pick from all existing plank types in the normal light or mahogany tones, you can also select them in four additional colours: chestnut stain, exotic pecan, raw untreated wood, or faded aged lumber. Enjoy!

Enchanting Tables

Enchanting tables come in not only classic-style obsidian (in black, magma-streaked, and purple obsidian varieties of course), but also in light and dark wood to match your other crafting tables!

Featuring a painterly-style spellbook in brown or black for your enchanting needs, as well as your choice of either a diamond-trimmed or crafting-table style cloth top, you'll be the envy of all your sorcerous friends as you enchant in style!


Updated in the 1.8 Minecraft patch, chests have been transformed into a new animated box, with the large and small chests separated from each other. Now, for each option of large and small chest, you have several fabulous options to pick from!

In the traditional light and dark wood colours, you have plain and fancy chests, for down-to-earth storage, or fancy stuff-holding action. You can also pick from 'basic' style wardrobe-type chests, and reinforced chests with metal bars and a heavy lock. There's also a modern-style packing box for you minecraftians on the move, and, just in time for the festive holiday season, green and red wrapped christmas presents. What's inside?! Open them and find out!

For those wanting something a bit stranger, Cheapshot has forced me, at gunpoint no less, to make him a few types of special recursive safes for the small chest options. When you go to open them, what is inside? Well, a smaller safe, of course. It goes on like that infinitely, I presume. Available in steel silver and gunmetal bluegrey.

Enjoy all of your chests in any combination you choose, but remember - store items responsibly and away from sources of lava.

Treasure Boxes

The prize and pride of the Mystic Dungeons mod, treasure boxes can be found underneath ruins or within twisting dungeons, and come in both iron and gold varieties. Smash them open to grab the treasures within!

Iron boxes contain common treasures, and gold boxes contain rare treasures. As you would expect from Painterly, these boxes come in both light and dark wood variants. Three styles are available for them - traditional style sealed boxes, crafty lockboxes, and redstone-rigged puzzle boxes. Happy hunting!


Rest in style or only just for a while in these fantastic new additions to the game. By default, the Painterly bed comes in a ravishing red, just like the original. These beds of course come in your choice of light or dark wood bodies.

Should the red bed not do it for you, a blue sheet bed can also be chosen, as can a patterned beige one, as well as a creepy creep-comfortor bed, a ghostly ghast bed, and a quilted bed using the same quilt found in the infamous Painterly Halloween Pack. Going one step further, as we here at Painterly are wont to do, we've also included the option to mod your bed into a table instead, for interior decorating purposes. It might be a bit rough to sleep on, but it looks great in your living room or dilapidated cavern ruins. Sweet dreams!

Record Player

A substantial upgrade, this record player not only has a gold-plated record slot, but volume knobs and cross-faders. Find both the records and play at being a DJ! Available in dark and light wood.

A few different takes on the normal record player are included for good measure if the defaults aren't your thing - round speakers and turntables in various combinations - the latter of which, provided generously by all-around internet official person FuzzballFox.


The wooden door is available in the style of the wooden chests and crafting table, in both wood colours, and features a large plate glass window for scouting outside to see if any creepers are lurking about. A chinese-style door to match Strangelet Wave's theme has been added as well, as have a pair of white modern-style doors - one with windows, and one without. The iron door matches the industrial style of the iron block, however if you're looking for security rather than industry, both a 'bank vault' door variant, and a jail cell door variant (which matches the alternate monster spawner graphic) are available.

For a more medieval take on things, three heavy-clad doors have been brought to you by the wonderful Slye_Fox. These lock-and-key affairs come in thick dark and light wood planks, as well as heavy textured metal. A variant on these doors - outhouse doors - has been included as well, by internet-man That_Lamer, as has one with a small window in it. In a similar vein, four reinforced doors are options - two for each colour of wood - and can be chosen as both wood doors and as metal doors, as you wish.

For a more modern style of door, a few nice options are here as well - 'wardrobe' style doors in both wood colours with and without windows, and an almost wholly glass door to maximize your viewing angles.

Should you not like these doors, two additional doors have been supplied by internet superstar Stragelet Wave - an alternate wood door with smaller windows and an engraved panel, and an alternate iron door in a style suitable for posh pagodas and dastardly dojos. All basic wooden doors come with a wreath option for the holiday season, should you wish it.

Three of the more popular doors - the classic door, the windowed door, and the solid door, are also available in the decorative wood colours - raw wood, aged wood, chestnut and pecan - just the thing for jungle treehouses!

For the sneaky and devious, alternate versions of iron doors have been added that allow you to create secret passages for adventure maps and the like. These doors come in two shades of 'library' false bookcase facade, as well as in every type of smooth stone texture.

Trap Doors

Introduced in Beta 1.6, Trap Doors are begging to be used in all manner of nefarious devices and structures. So, nefariate in style with the power of painterly! Basic glass panel and four-panel trap doors are included in dark, light and whitewashed wood where applicable to match existing vertically-aligned doors, as well as a few other options such as solid wood panels, and crate panelling for those special sneaky concealed doors you might be prone to using.

Should none of these doors suit your fancy, screen doors are an option, taken from a suggestion by Extranoise of Quandary Pack fame. Furthermore, medieval hatches are provided by Slye_Fox to match his standard door designs, and several iron trap doors are also included, allowing you to choose from iron screens, bars, two types of grats, or ornamental caging.

Beekeeping Tools

Created by the impressive Nandonalt, the Beekeeping mod ads a very fleshed out, wonderful beekeeping system to the minecraft game, and so we here at painterly have tried to give you options beefitting (get it?) the brilliance of it all.

Included are a new hive texture, and apiary (bee box) options in dark, light, or modern whitewashed wood. The tops of your apiaries can be set to the classic-style metal pane, a weathered metal pane, or a simpler wood pane. Presses and Incubators can similarly be set to dark, light or whitewashed wood, and have their own sub-options as well. Presses can be given stone or metal tops, as you desire, and incubators can be set to differing on and off textures, or always on, if you want them to match the similar glowstone texture.

Of course to use these items you need Nandonalt's Beekeeping mod, or the Amazopack.

Beekeeping Products

More fun items which are part of Nandonalt's Beekeeping mod, these here are the various placable blocks you can craft with his mod, available in a small ton of styles and choices.

The whimsical Honey blocks can be set to a smooth honey cube, or a dripping-sided honey block, or made up as waxy or plain honeycomb, or as light or dark honey-filled comb. Wax and Pressed Wax blocks can be made your choice of beegrub white, honeycomb ecru, or hive cluster gold, and set as solid wax blocks, dripping side blocks, giant candles, indented face blocks, smooth wax blocks, pressed honeycomb, or flat or rounded wax blocks emblazoned with a honeycomb cell insignia.

As noted before, to use these items you need Nandonalt's Beekeeping mod, or the Amazopack.


The forge is crafted from cobblestone and a marble half-block, with a marbled crafting area and thick-walled fireplace to better work the coals. It still faces west when you drop it in a dungeon, so it's not only a functional forge, but also a compass! Like with the other stone objects, the forge is of course available in both light and dark stone colours.

Long overdue, a sturdy stone furnace option for the forge is now also included, in both stone colours, to give a more industrial, powerful feel to your forges. It also comes in an utterly nonsensical ice version for those using the glacier stone textures! Place it backwards to create decorative stone trim. Should those options not suit your fancy, a 'neutral' toned forge is also a choice, designed to match with either colour of stone. Just make sure to pick the matching dispenser and top!

For those who want a modern option, a fancy oven is included, complete with a delicious mutton roast cooking inside.


Dispensers are all the rage these days, and they're not just the tool of engineers and junk food addicts, either! Not content with one design, I give you six - five in every combination of forge face and stone colour, and two special ones for special occasions.

Depending on what dispensery you're after, you can select from a standard ornamental dispenser spigot, a simple hole or slot design, a winged gold ornamented expunger, or two variants of redstone interface panel designs - with the panel above, or below the dispensing nozzle. These are of course all found in glacial, light and dark stone, and plain and industrial dispensers. As with forges, a 'neutral' toned dispenser face is also available for those who want a dispenser with a little uniqueness to it, in basic and ornate styles. It has a matching variety of toppers to choose from.

For those of you in the mood for something different, a nether aperature is also available, with a screaming ghast mouth (deflamed of course) bordered by a metal gate. Store and retrieve at your own risk, as well as a rather modern vending panel with stone trim. What do those canisters hold? It is a mystery. For those using the modern oven, a matching fridge is included to round out your kitchen appliances, available in normal fridge style, as well as the infamous 'saxon's fridge', which is opened to reveal hellish life from another world, in mouldy green and gorey red.

Of course, to compliment your forges and dispensers, are a variety of toppers for both - plain stone, cobble stone, marker blocks, stone panels, industrial panels, vents, industrial vents, and industrial grates. Even a range top for your stove! Enjoy!

Allocator and More

Pfaeff's amazing Allocator mods and the accompanying other blocks that go with it add several simple, yet extremely powerful tools for enhancing your game.

Allocators and Fans are available in five styles - classic-style brown stone, as well as a more ornate version of brown stone, light and dark stone versions, and a neutral gray stone that matches the neutral gray stone forge, dispenser and cobblestone.

Jumppads have a ton of options too - use a classic style jump pad or a shiny, slimy version of the same, or make your jump pads solid slime blocks. Alternately, create checkerboard jumpppads or note-block jumppads, or have wood-edged slime reservoirs, in your choice of light, dark, or ornate dark wood. The colour of the slime in your jump pads automatically sets according to the slime you've chosen in customizer when using any of the solid slime or ornate wood frame options.

Of course, in order to use these items, you must either download Pfaeff's Allocator mod, or the Amazopack.

Slime Pools

A part of the ever-popular Peaceful Pack by HogofWar, Slime pools allow you to harvest slimeballs more safely, and raise captive slimes in a controlled environment, to suit your various diabolical needs. As you would expect with Painterly, the slime pools match the colour of your chosen slimes automatically.

Piston Plungers

Piston Plungers come in an absolutely massive quantity of styles - over 90 of them! But you'd never know. It's just how these things work - 2 styles of slime application + 9 styles of plunger face + 5 colours of slime (plus some bonus ones) really adds up fast!

The slime on your sticky pistons automatically matches to the slime you've chosen, so no worries there! Your plunger heads can be set to a variety of styles, and of course the sides and the plunger pole itself will automatically be set to match.

You can get your plungers in metal-gripped wood planks, a metal-gripped wood panel, a plain wood panel (all three available in light or dark wood styles), a plain metal face, a ridged edge metal face, or an industrial-style grate. Slimes come in splattered and reservoir varieties, and depending on the slime you've chosen, will appear in dark green, light green, red, halloween costume blue or icy pale blue.

For those with stairs in their houses, Pusherbot and Shoverbot faces have also been added as plunger heads for anyone wanting a little Pak Chooie Unf with their protection from the Terrible Secret of Space.

Piston Bodies

As with the plungers, the sheer number of wood + stone combinations for pistons balloons out their numbers greatly, but hey, I threw in a few extras to make my life more difficult, as a bonus to you, the viewer at home.

Piston bodies can be set to marble, dark stone, light stone, neutral dungeon stone, or industrial steel, as you desire. A variety of options for each surface is available for each!

Marble pistons can be given plain marble sides, indented faces, and your choice of plain, indented, light or dark creeper face, gearbox, panel, vent, or grate backs.

Stone pistons can be given plain, plain with marble, or ornate decorated sides, embossed or indented faces, and your choice of plain stone, indented, creeper face, gearbox, four-panel, embossed, panel, vent, grate, or markerblock backs.

Dungeoness stone pistons can be give dungeon-style or ornate sides, a dungeon-style faces, and your choice of dungeon-style, vented dungeon-style, panel or plain stone backs.

Last but not least, industrial pistons can be given industrial-style sides, indented, light intented, or ornate faces, and your choice of gearbox, grate, panel, mojang panel, riveted panel, or 'Zelda style' backs.


The basic blockstuff of the Nether, 'Netherrack' is terrifying, everburning, and possibly alive. A wet, dullish meat is available as the default option, however, various other interpretations of your Nether are also to be found: a lighter, red Meat, bloody cobblestone, blood-soaked stone in vivid and dull tones, bloody shale, guts in Meat and original hellish bedrock colours, and, for those who want a meat-free Nether, magma-stone in obsidian, green, brown, and dark and light stone colour variants. A 'classic' style Netherrack can also be chosen, both with and without the traditional red splotches, as well as a deep red 'realistic' stone variant.

Since we here at Painterly are dedicated to giving you the maximal options for your alternate realities, a metroid-inspired 'Brinstarium' base cover is also included should you wish to wildly change the apperance of your Nether. It is offered in cobblestone, shale, and magmatic forms, as well as a 'war of the worlds' themed version covered in red alien organic veins. Should you wish it, you can also enter BEE HELL, with its delightful honeycomb netherrack and molten honey rivers.

It seems that on rare occasions, such as a Very Painterly Christmas, hell can, in fact, freeze over. Who knew? For all your frozen-nether adventures, are two twisted otherworld ice textures that show just how bizarre the Nether can be - flammable ice, and densly packed snow so intensely cold that it can float amoungst streams of magma without melting. Creepy.

Nether Brick

Forged from Netherrack by some horrifying unknown power, this stone is sturdy stuff found in the ruins of ancient nether fortresses. As you would expect, versions of nether brick to match all netherrack options are included.

In addition to various small, crumbling brick textures to match most styles of netherrack, compressed meat and guts bricks are options, as are giant honeycombs and honeycomb bricks, lava-mortared stone, brinstarium, war of the worlds-themed brinsarium, and obsidian bricks, red nether stone and blue brinstar large bricks, and icy bricks for both the snow and ice nether choices.


Bloodstone is a nether material introduced in the Mystic Ores mod, which can be combined with obsidian rods to craft powerful, but fragile tools suitable for the quick work and fast action often required in the Nether.

Represented in Painterly by a heart-shaped blood-red crystal embedded into the netherrack, a bloodstone variant of course exists for every single one of the netherrack textures available to Painterly Pack users, for seamless and stylish transitions.

For those who want something a little closer to the original Mystic Ores bloodstone, four red bloodstone blocks are also options - broken stone, flat stone, crystal and heart crystal, as well as a bonus bloody hive texture for those stuck in bee hell.


The other of the two nether ore types introduced in the Mystic Ores mod, Soulstone comes in three varieties - red, black and blue. Smash them for a variety of goodies similar to the Randomite ore of the regular world, except that the prizes are more varied and change depending on each ore type you break.

As elemental forces of chaos, soulstone is represented in painterly by crystal shards taking the form of hearts, spades and gaming pips (or exclaimation marks, if you will), as suggested by the wonderful folks at Gooncraft 2. As with bloodstone, soulstone is available in every variant of netherrack, in all three soulstone colours.

Soul Sand

The block of endless screaming faces, the Soul Sand drags you into itself and tries not to let you go. Many, many Soul Sand options are available, however most are simple variants on a few themes.

The 'traditional' screaming Soul Sand faces are available in original colour, zombie skin colour, meat-red, light stone, and dark stone, both with and without glowing eyes. Furthermore, a more 'normal' Mud option is included for those who find the Soul Sand a little too 'out there', in original colour, dirt, and wet dirt colours, as well slushy ice and snow, and a morass of writhing maggots. Yuck!

Another take on the whole sucking you in idea, also included are a few colour versions of a block honeycombed with grisly holes and pits. Are they too uneven to traverse? bottomless soul-eating vaccuums? The work of hellish bees? That's for you to decide. While you do, note that they come in light and 'wet' meat colours, mud colour, glowstone colour, and beehive honey golden brown. For those interested in BEE HELL, a proper, non-netherish honeycomb is also included, so, enjoy!

Finally, an option exists to set your soul sand to horrifying skeletal fields, in case horrifying zombie fields wasn't enough. Like it's zombie companion, this skeletal soul sand comes both with and without glowing eyes, in normal bone tone, sun-bleached bones, and dark, earthy bones, blackened by your choice of intense heat or exposure to soil.


Glowstone, also known as 'nether gold', 'lightstone', and various other terms, is an interesting little ore found in the Nether, which can be broken down and reformed to and from block and powder states. By default, there is a cobblestone-like glowstone option, however, many other varieties also abound.

Shale and rocky glowstone options round out basic glowstone texture types, glowstone chunks embedded in both shades of smooth stone can be found, and some interesting glowstone formations are also included, that suggest perhaps, that someone - or something - once terraformed or thrived in the Nether long before you. These 'worked' glowstone blocks come in tile, corroded tile, ornate tile, and glassy tile options. A 'neon' glowing light/material block is also available as a more modern option, and two 'ethereal' angelic-style variants on that block, as is a golden panel by the illuminated Core25.

For those of you into interior decorating, alternate 'lantern' Glowstone blocks are now included as well, in both wood colours, in a few different styles. There are 'x' lanterns created by the talented Liselle, as well as woven hatch lanterns and candle boxes based on Liselle's original design. Note that the candle boxes will look odd if viewed from the bottom or top, so place them accordingly. Furthermore, there's two wood options, adapted for Painterly wood with permission from the original designs in SMP's Revival Pack.

Anyone who wants to enter BEE HELL, or who just wants some awesome scenic gold moonlighting can choose from a honey cube texture for glowstone as well - also great as a pretend amber or topaz block for you recorator types.


Able to be turned on and off via redstone circuitry, lamps are the next step up in lighting technology after the magic amd convenience of glowstone.

A huge number of options are yours for the taking - there's embedded glowstone chunks and glowstone shale, framed in dark stone, light stone, marble, dark wood or light wood, or ornate glowing slabs in the same. there's also a large-size ornate glowing stone, and a neon slab option, continuing the themed chain.

For those wanting something redstone based, large redstone ore blocks, and redstone blocks framed in various stone types are options, too, and for a more fantasy-style light, there's variations on the glassy and golden glowstone textures.

Lastly, several of the lantern-based glowstone options have been updated and ported over as well - you can pick from light and dark wood versions of the basic and weave lanterns, candle lanterns, and SMP-style column lamps.

The End

Altars of an unnatural stone mark the entrance to The End. Wtih painterly, you can set these markers and the stone of this mysterious place to natural white, light stone, dungeon stone, dark stone, or ice. If you don't mind the undersides of your portals looking a bit off, the soul sand skulls also make an appearance here, allowing for a truly twisted version of The End for you hearty souls.

The covers of the altars can similarly be set in a variety of ways, from a classic gold trim and blue cloth, to a diamond enchanting-table style cloth altar array, to a crafting-table type cloth, to your choice of marble slabs, keyhole marble slabs, or egyptian-style heiroglyph tablets.

Finally, your keyed Eye of the Ender seals for these blocks can be made into your choice of teal or purple ender eyes, rune slabs, marble slabs, or enchanted star-blocks.

Dragon Eggs

The ultimate reward for beating the ultimate boss of minecraft, these dragon eggs could be said to be the final reward in Minecraft. What's inside? The ending? Maybe.

Choose from a variety of obsidian or obsidian-like classic style eggs, an organic miasma-covered egg, a spackled egg, a chicken-like egg, or a blue robin-style egg.

The Crystal

A tool of the mighty Ender Dragon, the Crystal is housed in a special seal and is used to empower the dragon while you fight. Painterly gives you two options for the crystal's appearance, a classic style violet rune block, or a Hellraiser-style Lament Configuration. Of course, the crystal pedestal comes in all 13 flavours of bedrock, to match your selected bedrock option.


Placing blocks is only half the battle - breaking them is important too! By default, the Painterly Pack of course uses the block breaking animation that we've all come to know and love. That said, what fun would it be if we didn't provide alternates?

Should simply shattering a block not be enough for you, a whopping 5 alternate options can be chosen from - a crushing animation, a splitting animation, a countdown from 9 to 0 in the Painterly font, an industrial-style pressure dial, and a Tronic texture pack inspired destruction meter.

Oct. 31 - Click for details.

Help support Painterly!

Oct 31nd update:

Happy Halloween! I'm back from the dead to give you a ghostly update! While I don't have time to properly update the Customizer like I used to, this patch at least gives Painterly fans something to use for newer versions of Minecraft! With this patch, I've introduced the Definitive Painterly Pack - a collection of a bunch of things I like, including a bunch of older textures I've touched up or fixed, as well as new graphics and code to update the pack to work with Minecraft 1.10! You can also combine it with Customizer by re-ordering your resource packs, to still customize all features from 1.8 and earlier in the pack, like before. Enjoy!

- Added bone block textures.
- Added chorus plant textures (stem, fruit, flower)
- Added icons for chorus fruits and popped chorus fruits.
- Added purpur block textures (column and bricks).
- Added ender brick texture.
- Added ender rod texture.
- Added new icon for end gateways and new entity texture for end gateways.
- Added magma block, red nether brick, and netherwort block textures. Redrew nether brick texture slightly.
- Added creative mode block textures - command, chain command and repeating command blocks, structure blocks, structure void.
- Added frosted ice textures for ice enchantments.
- Redrew cobblestone brick, mossy cobblestone, mossy brick, cracked brick and ornamental brick textures.
- Redrew gravel texture.
- Added grass path textures.
- Redrew grass texture and updated leaf texture for all 6 leaf types.
- Redrew grass/snow/mycelium and podzol side textures.
- Redrew sapling textures to match new leaf/grass colours.
- Redrew vines, stems, lilypads, reeds, all flowers, all tall grass, pumpkins and cocoa pods to match new leaf/grass colours.
- Redrew reed inventory texture.
- Redrew wheat, harvested wheat, and wheat seeds to better match new grass and existing haybales.
- Redrew potato and carrot crops, baked potato, rabbit stew, carrot on a stick to match new leaf/grass colours.
- Added beetroot textures - crops, seeds, plants and soup.
- Added textures for lingering potion bottles, tipped arrows, spectral arrows, and entities for all arrow types.
- Redrew splash potion icon.
- Added dragon's breath potion icon.
- Added dragon fireball texture.
- Redrew firework star texture and firework star overlay.
- Redrew icons for rabbit's feet and gold ingots.
- Updated boat texture for new boat model, redrew inventory icons for boats.
- Redrew cart and inventory icons for carts.
- Redrew all railroad track types.
- Redrew redstone wire and redstone torch textures.
- Redrew all diamond tools.
- Redrew all armor and shield equip region indicators.
- Added elytra, and elytra inventory icons.
- Redrew cloth leg armor.
- Redrew all armor icons, and horse armor icons.
- Added sheld texture, and shield banner patterns.
- Redrew texture for armor stand, sign, and banner entities, and sign icon.
- Redrew texture for map backgrounds.
- Added shulker mob skin and shulker projectile skin.
- Added polar bear mob skin.
- Added stray skeleton mob skin.
- Added husk zombie mob skin.
- Added zombie villager skins for all 6 villager types.
- Redrew scholar villager mob.
- Redrew iron golem, pig, wolf, and ghast mobs.
- Redrew sun texture.
- Added a new paintings file featuring artwork from various SNK fighting games.
- Redrew gui for crafting tables, chests, inventory, horse inventory, creative inventory, and brewing stands.
- Redrew gui armor pips.
- Added icons for new status effects.
- Added gui elements for world selection.
- Added gui elements for multiple boss bars.
- Updated particles, bars, widgets and icons gui files.
- Fixed textures for compass and watch.
- Updated JSON files for gold, iron and diamond blocks, redstone lanterns, and pressure plates.
- Added a new pink and purple flower theme pack icon to denote you are using Definitive Painterly.

Aug 22nd update:

It's been a while, but the second wave up updates for Minecraft 1.8 is here, finalizing the updates for this long-awaited patch! There's a ton of stuff here - hundreds of new sprites to both add functionality and options for the new materials, as well as a few updates for older blocks. There's a few community updates too, including a new picture set! Get your pack today and enjoy 1.8 in Painterly style!

- New art set by amazing internet persona Steven Gall, using his gorgeous pixel artwork.
- Bracketed wall torch options by Space K. Green in all wood colours.
- New code to bring back different-sided ore blocks! Proper ore crates return!!
- 2 styles of 'fixed' coal ore blocks as crates.
- 3 styles of 'fixed' diamond ore blocks as crates and diamond cells.
- 7 styles of 'fixed' iron ore blocks - crates, gearboxes, half bricks, vents and coins.
- 6 styles of 'fixed' gold ore blocks - crates, cartouche, half bricks, and coins.
- 48 styles of coarse dirt - original, dark, small and large dark and light stone, pebbles, and dungeon path in all 6 dirt colours.
- Nighttime detector faces for all 14 styles of light detectors.
- A formidable 152 prismarine textures - allowing for 8 styles of prismarine in 3 colours each, with 7 fading colour options for most of them.
- 27 types of sea lantern blocks, including a few types of jellyfish-like blocks, sponge lanterns, and glowing pearls.
- 46 new door textures, available for all 6 wooden door options.
- 80 total sprites for use in the 5 red sandstone textures, 20 each in yellow, red, orange and bluegrey sand.
- Textures for sponge and wet sponge.
- 8 additional sprites for hoppers in inventory, and ability to select them independently of the hopper.
- 5 types of raw mutton - haunch, chop, ribeye, t-bone and rack of ribs.
- 6 types of cooked mutton - as above, plus a plate of lamb curry.
- 3 types of raw rabbit - haunch, hop and whole rabbit.
- 4 types of cooked rabbit - as above, plus a plate of roast rabbit and carrots.
- 3 types of rabbit stew - chunky, carrot and bunny.
- 5 types of rabbit hide - white, gold, brown, spotted and salt.
- 10 types of rabbit hide - white, gold, brown, black and salt both alone and on a chain.
- 14 styles of prismarine crystal, some of which are also used with prismarine shards.
- 29 types of prismarine shards, some of which are also used with prismarine crystals.
- 12 varieties of rabbit - black, brown, chestnut, cream, gold, splotched gold, grey, salt, toast, splotched, white and caerbannog.
- 7 colours of Guardian - blue, white, red and sea.
- 3 colours of Elder Guardian - albino, abyssal and benthic.
- 7 varieties of Guardian eye beams.
- New sea-coloured squid option.
- New base texture for banners.
- 5 styles of armor stand - dark, light, dungeon, icy and marble stone bases.
- 2 styles of banner patterns - classic and crisp edges.
- 2 styles of ender portal graphic - classic and cosmic.
- 4 styles of world forcefield - classic, stardust, and 2 types of holodeck.
- New gui options for server selections and for livestream spectating.
- Offlawn mod updated by Cannibal Vox for Forge & Minecraft versions 1.6.4 and 1.7.2
- Re-enabled Offlawn textures in customizer under Mods.

Mar 17th update:

A new update to bring Painterly up to 1.8 14w11b prerelease compatibility! In addition to a handful of textures for primarily gem-related blocks and hardened clay, this patch also adds a ton of new options for both the new slime blocks and the three types of decorative stone. In addition, this update re-enables mod support for the Peaceful Pack and Beekeeping mods, updated by the fantastic internet superperson Caleb Manley! -Bee- sure to check them out!

- Updated all block-shattering animations to work better with the new resource pack format.
- Updated GUI for enchanting tables for new 1.8 enchanting system.
- Added new widgets for streaming functionality.
- Added new icy blue natural-style dyed clay options in smooth and realistic textures to mirror mesa options, based on fan requests.
- Added orange acacia logs based on fan requests.
- Added flowering leaves for trees.
- Added 3 new 'dark small diamond gem' ore blocks.
- Added 12 new 'small gem' blocks for emeralds, in emerald, sapphire, topaz and amethyst colours.
- Added 3 new 'small gem' blocks for redstone ore blocks.
- Added 3 new 'small gem' blocks for lapis lazuli ore blocks.
- Added small gem inventory icons for all new ore block options.
- Added small gem inset in wood frame block options for all versions of new small gems.
- Added 19 options for iron trap doors, 14 of which are new.
- Added new chinese-style bow created by DietPepsi1997.
- Added 'popcorn garland' style for pine needles for decorative purposes with christmas options.
- Added 43 decorative stone types, many new and old: Mystic wood, concrete, 4x orange stone, cool basalt, warm basalt, 2x granite, 2x dungeon stone, 2x andesite, 4x slate, diorite, white marble, marble, 6x compact ice, 5x bonepiles, 2x screaming stone, 3x dark stone, 3x light stone, and 3 types of decorative pine shrubs.
- Added 109 polished decorative stone types, many new and old: 2x Mystic wood, 3x concrete, 7x orange stone, 6x cool basalt, 6x warm basalt, 5x granite, 4x dungeon stone, 6x andesite, 18x slate, 5x diorite, 7x white marble, 7x marble, 17x compact ice, 2x bonepiles, 2x screaming stone, 5x dark stone, 5x light stone, and 2 types of decorative pine shrubs.
- Added 5 new textures for Endermite mobs.
- Propogated some brown quartz crystal options from light detectors to quartz blocks.
- Fixed bug in customizer relating to purple dyes.
- Fixed bug in customizer relating to mirrodin ice floes.
- Re-enabled mod support for Peaceful Pack and Beekeeping mods. You can check them out HERE!
- New textures for Peaceful pack: 15 varieties of surfaces for Ender Clams.
- New textures for Peaceful pack: 4 bottoms, 5 sides and 5 tops for Ghast Eggs.
- New textures for Peaceful pack: 2 sprites for Iron Bars
- New textures for Peaceful pack: 16 types of bark for Kindling Trees, 7 of them new.
- New textures for Peaceful pack: 35 types of log stumps for Kindling Trees, 31 of them new.
- New textures for Peaceful pack: 17 types of leaves for Kindling Trees, 5 of them new.
- New textures for Peaceful pack: 8 types of Spider Egg blocks.
- New textures for Beekeeping: Bee blaster!
- New textures for Beekeeping: 10 types of honeyed bread.
- New textures for Beekeeping: 7 types of honeyed cookie.
- New textures for Beekeeping: 4 additional bee sprites added.

Oct 25th update:

This update adds the remaining 1.7 textures for the full 1.7 release, including stained glass, the new tree options, and red sand!

- 15 types of stained glass, including a variety of flat panel panes, classic style glass, and various stained glass options.
- 5 new glass options - gold-framed, stained glass panel, simple, monitor and lightstone-style.
- 6 new bark textures, added options for roofed oaks and acacia trees.
- 40 new wood plank options - all 10 plank styles in 4 new colours: orange, white, deep brown and hazelnut.
- New 'noble' option for fancy diamond, redstone, lapis, gold, silver, and emerald blocks.
- Updated changed names for all double-sized plants - they should work again now. Also added classic fern option to biome double-tall grass.
- 4 new sand colours based on the clay options, and options to use each of them as red sand.
- 10 command cart inventory graphics to match various command blocks - added automatically based on your command block choice.

Sept 20th update:

A huge update to prepare Painterly for the 1.7 release! This prerelease pack is compatible with your 1.6 version of Minecraft, but also has a ton of new options and features for those already using the prereleases. We've also got a bit of a new look on the site, as part of our 20 million downloads celebration!

As always, thank you to everyone who uses Painterly and continues to support the site - your contributions keep the site running and keep it feasable to continue to update with the same volume and quality you've come to expect. Every little bit helps!

- Twitter feed is back up and running on the site, thanks to the help of internet celebrity Captain Capacitor!
- Minor updates to site graphics and layout to make it a bit easier to read and find where you're going.
- 10 new types of grass cover options, including 4 types of podzol cover, leaf cover, petals, classic podzol, and autumn options.
- All non-biome grass options (including the new ones) also available as Podzol options.
- 81 special overrides for Podzol tops with things like flowers, mushrooms, etc. to replace podzol & match with your normal grass.
- 9 varieties of double-tall grass and ferns - wild, lawn, hay, fern, shrub, bamboo, and 3 types of topiary bushes.
- 41 new flower options, bringing flower options to over 100! Available for every type of flower.
- New flowers include: bamboo shoots, tulips, allium, flax, ginger, cattails, leaves, oxeyes, orchids, creeper statues, poppies, pine shrubs and more!
- 52 double-tall flower options for use with all 3 double-tall basic flowers.
- New double-tall flowers include: roses, syringas, topiary bushes, corn, grapes, bamboo, tropical plants, cacti, mushrooms, creeper statues, amd more!
- 9 styles of Sunflower stems - simple, lush, and pre-topped in gold, white, red and mixed varieties.
- 9 styles of Sunflower flowers - round & grouped in gold, white, red and mixed, fireflower, and poinsettia.
- 7 new species of fish for all fish types - tropical puffer, clownfish, mudfish, bluefin, jellyfish, and skeletal fish.
- 15 new cooked fish options including various fish steaks, sushi options, cooked jellyfish, and fish bones.
- Sliced toast option for bread.
- 5 new options for standard ice - medium, smooth, cracked and Mirrodin styles.
- 18 options for packed ice - 5 new icecube options, and then several existing snow, ice and gravel options.
- 4 of the new packed icecube textures also added to cobblestone options for those using winter themes.
- Added natural option for dyes - petals, leaves, roots, seeds, etc.
- Adeed 'soft' petal options for certain dyes as alternates, added 'plain' bowl options for certain dyes as alternates.
- Moved purple, magenta, and light grey dyes to their own option categories to better work with new flower options.
- Moved basic hardened clay to its own option category separate from dyed hardened clay.
- Added 4 basic hardened clay options - fancy mesa, and 3 Extrabiomes red rock style stone options.
- Added 2 new types of dyed hardened clay in mesa colour schemes - original hardened clay and fancy stone.
- Added Extrabiomes red scrub, wasteland scrub, and poppies to desert plant options.
- Added 9 new types of seabed-themed gravel, based on existing sand and netherrack textures, as well as a coral texture.
- Added deep sea gravel and coral options to bedrock options.
- Added Zennygil's submitted fishing pole and gold bar sprites.
- Added Fuego Fish's purple flax and double-tall fern options.
- Added GUI arrows for resource packs, achievemetns and widgets.
- Added miscellaneous server widgets to GUI files.
- Added map icons for player maps.
- FIXED: Fixed a bug where explosion selections wouldn't always take on pack generation.
- FIXED: Fixed missing jukebox textures.
- FIXED: Several missing/incorrect file names for old options.

July 8th update:

This is a small update to fix a handful of bugs that crept in during the 1.6 update, though it also adds a new furnace texture by fan request which contains more smelting values.

- Fixed several bugs regarding incorrect textures being applied in resource packs (mostly with leaf, sapling, crafting table options).
- Added a 'deluxe' furnace GUI with more smelting values (every major type of material except half slabs).
- Waiting on more info for mod support for 1.6 format, began work into options for CTM re-appearing as well as for customizable sound options.

July 1st update:

A big update to roll in Minecraft 1.6, this update adds over 330 new texture files, and includes support for the new resource pack system, the horse system, and more! Unfortunately, several of the mods are broken at the moment due to the new Resource Pack system changing things, but they'll be put back online as options as it becomes feasable. Please enjoy your new resource packs!

- Updated pack to use the new Resource Pack system. This unfortunately is incompatible with earlier versions of Minecraft. Use legacy mode for those versions.
- 7 new options for dyed clay blocks, as well as clay block versions of 6 dyed block options. (19 textures per option!)
- 13 haybale side options, including wheat, leaves, grapes, and even meat!
- 12 haybale top options, to match the side options.
- 16 additional log stump options for birch trees.
- 42 'off' options for detector rails, one for each type of detector rail already part of the pack.
- 9 types of horse barding, split between diamond, gold and iron.
- 4 new options for coal or charcoal.
- 3 types of rope lashes - spider silk, rope or leather.
- 5 nametag options.
- 5 new gui options for the horse jump meter, included alongside the older gui bar-type options as well.
- New gui for horse inventory.
- New skins for all standard horse types.
- New mario-style note block option for note blocks.
- 3 types of undead horses - painterly zombie, blue zombie and headless.
- 4 types of skeletal horses - one for each normal and nether skeleton colour option.
- 8 types of horse overlay options - white feet, white patches, white runes, white spots, black spots, black patches, okapi, and robot legs.
- Added customizer options for the expanded 1.6 options (different log tops, coal vs. charcoal, note blocks, etc.)
- Removed non-functional mod support temporarily - will return when/if they are compatible with resource texture packs again.

Mar 29th update:

This is a fairly small maintenance patch - it fixes several bugs found when Painterly was updated to 1.5 compatibility, and corrects some issues with the Forge and Dispenser GUIs. OffLawn mod has also been updated to 1.5.0/1.5.1 compatibility, and requires a new pack generation to use with the mod, though now, it works with most popular biomes mods, as well!

- Updated OffLawn to Cannibal Vox's 1.5.1 codebase, uses proper 1.5 minecraft texture formats now. Now compatible with most popular biome-altering mods (eg Extrabiomes XL)!
- Fixed 1.5 error re: Forge, Dispenser and Dropper GUIs.
- Fixed 1.5 error re: Incorrect dispenser textures.
- Fixed 1.5 error re: Incorrect cursor textures.
- Fixed 1.5 error re: Incorrect chest texture for reinforced storage chests.
- Fixed 1.5 error re: Certain desert shrub textures.
- Fixed 1.5 error re: Certain netherrack textures.
- Fixed 1.5 error re: Graphical glitch with ornate bow styles.
- Improved site stability and server performance on back end and fixed incorrect subroutine call - should result in far fewer failed-to-generate packs.
- Added 'Mystic Wood' option for logs & planks based on textures by Matt Caughey.
- Began laying code groundwork for Amazo Pack 1.5 mod support - to be released in an upcoming patch!

Feb 16th update:

A huge patch - the biggest yet! Behind the scenes, my crew of web-wizards and I have been working for over 6 straight weeks to convert the pack over to the new 1.5 format, representing hundreds of combined hours of labour. While customizer may look more or less the same, the whole guts of the thing have changed in order to deliver the new packs! Believe me this was no small task so I hope everyone appreciates the extra mile we go here at Painterly for you! :)

A special thanks to the folks that made this changeover possible - cbox, PJB, maou, lizzy, Marux, read and Monicro, and for the continued moral support, patience with my frustrations, and help from the whole crew at Gooncraft.

You'll note that because many items had to change, unfortunately, your old passwords will not work with the new system completely, however it couldn't be prevented. Apologies, but at least new passwords should continue to work normally.

Besides the 1.5 conversion, you'll also see a huge array of extra items that I've put in to round out the collection, so to speak. Here's a list of everything included in the Minecraft 1.5 patch for Painterly:

- Texture conversion of all files to 1.5 format.
- Downloadable development kit replaced with a new one containing all 1.5 format textures in /alternates/ folder.
- Legacy mode added to Customizer for all users still using Minecraft 1.4.7 and earlier.
- Unsupported mods suspended from customizer (will be re-added when/if stable versions are re-released that won't add/change items in the mods).

- new GUI option for the Hopper item.
- new wood options for crafting and chest GUIs in the modern wood colours (chestnut, pecan, aged, raw).
- vertical option for fireworks inventory icons.
- All 3 varieties of brick icons in 14 styles of Nether Brick.
- Nether quartz ore in 4 styles (classic, simple, rpg, bismuth) for all 23 styles of netherrack.
- Nether quartz icons in 12 styles.
- Nether quartz blocks in 48 styles for various parts of pillars, blocks, chiselled blocks, etc.
- 14 types of Light Detector tops, in marble, basalt, and crystal variants.
- 9 types of Light Detector sides, in marble, basalt, and crystal variants.
- 32 varieties of redstone block - red stone options, marble control vector options, and bone/garland/jellybean styles, too!
- Propagated several existing fossil textures to redstone ore/inventory icons.
- 6 styles of Redstone Comparators, to match the Repeater styles.
- 3 styles of comparator inventory icons, to match the repeater ones.
- 4 'Classic' style dark border blocks for Emeralds in the Emerald, Topaz, Sapphire and Amethyst colours.
- 36 options for dispenser and dropper ceiling placement spigots.
- 24 additional options added to dispenser face, and propogated all dispenser options to droppers, as well.
- 5 new styles of forge, 2 each of light and dark stone, 1 of ice.
- 3 styles of ice and snow sandstone (4 ctm options) for winter themed texture packs.
- 10 new styles of icy cobblestone for winter themed texture packs.
- Ladders in all 4 new wood colours in classic and high-contrast style.

- White, Black, Iron and Gold hopper, with matching inventory and cart icons.
- TNT cart icons for every existing style of TNT.
- 5 styles of Activator rails, for all 11 styles of rail tracks.
- Panel and 'Classic' dark border stone options in 2 styles for each colour, as forge toppers and cobblestone options.
- Hazard block style for smooth stone half-block slabs.
- Smooth dark shale option for flint and firestarter.
- Brown 'Classic' style hide for leather.
- 3 new blaze rod options for Bee Hell, also added honey drop to fireball options.
- 7 new Slime Ball options, separated slime and slimeballs into separate customizer categories.
- Ribs option for steak and pork, moved cooked and raw steak, pork and chicken into separate customizer categories.
- Wheatgrass option in faded biome colours to give better contrast.
- Propagated mononoke dude to all flower options.
- Plain plate style armors for gold and diamond, including alternate helmet option for diamond.
- 7 styles of clock - digital, pocketwatch and classic in a variety of faces.
- 3 styles of compass - classic, high-contrast, and digital.

- 4 styles of animated fire - classic, golden, red and green.
- 9 styles of animated lava - classic, orange (flow & stagnant), honey (flow & stagnant), blood (flow & stagnant), slime (flow & stagnant & slimepool).
- 4 styles of animated water - classic, dark, light, and blood.
- Many existing blocks added as options for menu backgrounds.

- Dark stone style demi creeper.
- Dyeable tamed wolf option.
- Dark blue and Dark blue with spots slime options.
- Added Manibogi's Tsuchinoko option to Silverfish.
- Version of all 6 styles of nether slime without the mouth.
- Beekeeper version of wither skeleton for Bee Hell.
- Bee lord version of blaze for Bee Hell.

Dec 20th update:

Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year with this small update that expands Painterly to Minecraft 1.4.6 compatibility! As always, work continues to expand Painterly for increased support for 1.5 and for mods, behind the scenes.

- Added 8 new banded book options for enchanted books, useable on other book types as well.
- Added 7 options for fireworks stars - light and dark balls, lumps and gunpowder on paper, as well as creeper heads.
- Added 6 options for fireworks rockets - bomb arrows, classic-style rockets, and a hostage device!
- Added a sashimi option to cooked fish.
- Added a skis texture.
- Updated chest options to include the holiday chests.
- Updated particle effects to include the new particle effects.

Dec 13th update:

Continuing our trend of adapting mod support, this patch adds support for CTM and Extrabiomes XL mods, as well as a few other goodies. The new back end seems ready to go, but we've put it on hold until we see the new 1.5 texture pack requirements from Mojang, as it may require some rework on our end. So, apologies in advance if you are still experiencing issues with the password system - it will be resolved when the new back end goes up on site. I've tried to be quite extensive with the mod support for these two popular mods, and present the following:

- A new pack icon to celebrate OffLawn!
- 8 new fish textures by Shadowclaimer.
- 3 new tree bark options
- 2 new bookcase options
- 18 new flower options including echinacea, morningglory, baby's breath, and classic-style red and yellow flowers.
- 10 new glass pane/window options.
- 23 new leaf options, including several autumn leaf textures, and 'classic style' leaves in a variety of colours.
- 24 new types of log interiors, largely for Extrabiomes XL support.
- 9 new types of mushrooms.
- 'Nugget' style ore for iron and lapis lazuli, in dark and light stone, and encased in ice.
- 1 new type of ornamental sandstone.
- 7 new sandstone blocks.
- 25 new sapling options, largely for Extrabiomes XL support.
- 6 'wide' beam options for beacons.
- CTM: 38 connected bookcase textures.
- CTM: 31 connected sandstone textures.
- CTM: 89 connected glass textures, including RPG and chinese-style options by Foxx Ramos, and classic painterly ones by The Voyage.
- Extrabiomes XL: 5 wasteland terrain options, including the original wastelands texture by the Extrabiomes XL team.
- Extrabiomes XL: 5 quicksand options.
- Extrabiomes XL: 24 new red stone options split between smooth stone, cobble, brick, and half blocks.
- Extrabiomes XL: 16 options for the two types of mountain ridge red grass.
- Extrabiomes XL: 24 options for the three types of wasteland grass.
- Extrabiomes XL: 6 autumn shrub options.
- Extrabiomes XL: 7 types of swamp roots.
- Extrabiomes XL: 5 cattail options, with 2 cattail inventory icon options.
- Extrabiomes XL: 14 leaf pile options.
- Extrabiomes XL: 18 large tree bark textures.
- Extrabiomes XL: 20 large tree interior textures.
- Extrabiomes XL: 5 types of log turners.
- Extrabiomes XL: 3 varieties of scarecrow - spooky, red and blue.

Nov 11th update:

To celebrate 10,000,000 Painterly Pack downloads, we're introducing the first official Painterly Mod, lovingly entitled offLawn! Using the handy link on the main page, you can check out all the features and recipes this simple but versatile mod adds, and of course, select from a large variety of entertaining textures for the mod to match your Painterly worlds. You will require Forge to use this mod - a download link for that is also found on the same page.

A huge thank you to Slinky, who did all the real gruntwork of coding this mod for the pack, and also to the fine folks of Gooncraft, and the Minecraft community at large without whom Painterly would have never been possible! Thank you!

- Added all existing grass options to the lawn block option for offLawn.
- Added 6 new sunflower seed sprites, along with several existing seed options to the sunflower seed options for offLawn.
- Added 9 sunflower options for offLawn, including several types of sunflowers, large shrubs, and cornstalks.
- Added 42 beanstalk options for offLawn - a variety of plain, flowered, sunflower, and redbean options in green, woody or dead sunflower, jungle vine, or leafy stalks.
- Temporarily removed preview tool until new back end is in place due to server issues - for now, link has been replaced with the offLawn link.

Oct 22nd update:

It's been a while, but here we are - Painterly Pack for Minecraft 1.4! Lots of new options here, of course fleshing out all the new stuff with tie-ins to the older items that you've come to expect by now, and a handful of community additions as well. Coming down the pipes after this should be (finally) the new backend coding to finally allow proper mod support, starting with the CTM and Randomobs mods. Fingers crossed! Here's what you can expect this time:
- New paintings files for every existing paintings file, to accomodate the new 2x2 painting.
- Wither status condition GUI item.
- 1.4 particle effects included in particle effects options.
- 1.4 health bars updated to show withered health in normal and hardcore modes.
- Zombies and Zombie Pigmen updated to 1.4 compatibility.
- Beacon GUI added.
- 4 Variants on the Repair GUI added, including light and dark labels, and with or without icons.
- Updated Creeper armor file.
- Added black and red Wither armor files.
- Updated all existing cloth armor options for new dye option - all armors available in both original and dyeable forms.
- 6 variants on Wither - black and red classic skeleton, 3-eyed skeleton, and glowing eye skeleton.
- Witch available in all standard villager types as well as alternate universe Zoidberg villager.
- 6 variant bats - brown bats, grey bats, castlevania bats, bat skeletons, zubats, and batman.
- Updated wolves to accept dyed collars.
- 36 variants of zombie villager to allow all applicable zombie and villager combinations for heads.
- 14 variants on Wither Skeleton - black and red in all standard skeleton models, plus a couple 3-eyed variants.
- Mask/Head items added for all variants of zombie, skeleton, wither skeleton and creeper.
- 3 player Mask/Head options - Steve, anonymous, and smiley.
- Added Pearl ender pearl/eye of ender/ender chest options by Fuzzball Fox.
- Added box ender chest option by Fuzzball Fox.
- Added lament configuration ender chest option by thehengeprophet.
- Added palantir eye of ender by Roger Hughes.
- Added alternate pine sapling, smooth-style sandstone, mirrored-faced jack-o-lantern, and geared dungeon piston back sprites by ZennyGil.
- 13 variants on item frame backgrounds, including classic, leather, cloth and crushed velvet in a variety of colours.
- 3 types pf ground crops growth - plants, flowering plants, and leafy growth.
- 5 types of ground crops - carrot, potato, beet, turnip, and strawberry, available for both types of ground crop.
- Gold crop, crop on a stick, poison crop and cooked crop for all 5 types of ground crops.
- 11 variants on pumpkin pie to match all types of pumpkin options, including rock and snowman pies.
- 10 variants on the nether star, including classic, skullpiles, open and closed lament configurations, open and closed runeboxes, and a lich's phylactery.
- 14 types of control blocks, in classic, stone, redstone, and other styles.
- 6 types of vases - 4 fired clay vases, orange planter's pot, and super mario style pipe.
- 4 types of anvils - dark iron, shiny iron, golden, and white enamel.
- 12 varieties of inventory icons for vases - all 6 types with and without plants in them.
- 12 new emerald block items - zelda-style, stars on black obsidian, and stars on violet obsidian, in all 4 gemstone colours.
- 9 styles of Beacon block frame.
- 16 varieties of beacon beams in a myriad of blue, pink and gold colours.
- Randomobs support for all 1.4 mobs.

July 30th update:

A minor patch while I continue to work on a few back end things and general site maintenance. Mostly just polishing stuff for the official 1.3 release! I hope everyone is as excited for 1.3 as I am!

- Touched up a few textures, fixed a few tiling issues. You probably won't notice.
- Last minute touchups on creative inventory, search and allitems guis.
- Fixed alignment and pointer issues with trading guis.
- Back end code updates.

June 30th update:

This patch (hopefully) finalizes Painterly for the long-awaited 1.3 release! It also continues the propogation of the new wood colours, adds several new community submissions, and several other goodies! With any luck, this will be the last update on the old back-end as the new one is nearing completion and will enable a lot more possibilities for things such as proper mod support. What to look out for:
- Tripwire handles in iron or gold, as well as in all 6 wood colours.
- 3 styles of tripwire cords.
- Added following options for trapdoors in 4 new wood colours: plain slab, 4-panel window, glass window, mesh window, ornate.
- Added following options for bookcases in 4 new wood colours: updated books, shelf style 1, shelf style 2, stockings, wine racks.
- Added following options for record players in 4 new wood colours: speaker + turntable, speaker + sliders.
- Added following options for ladders in 4 new wood colours: treehouse ladders, rope ladders.
- Added following options for beds in 4 new wood colours: beige beds, tables.
- Added following options for torches in 4 new wood colours: classic, glass, accordion, small accordion.
- Added following options for redstone torches in 4 new wood colours: plain, accordion, small accordion.
- Added following options for enchanting tables in 4 new wood colours: simple style, default style.
- Added following options for lamps in 4 new wood colours: SMP-style, candle box, weave lamp, glowstone shale.
- Added levers in all 4 new wood colours.
- Added quiver options in all 3 arrow colours by Foxx Ramos for both arrow and quiver texture options.
- Added 2 meat cleaver options by Fuzzballfox for shears and iron swords.
- Added variant iron and gold hybrid tools to iron and gold tool sets, recoloured by Roger Hughes.
- Added 2 variant wood sword options recoloured by Foxx Ramos.
- 2 new stick icons touched up from submissions by Roger Hughes.
- Separated paper options from book options in customizer, added new paper texture by Roger Hughes, and another based off of it.
- Added 5 new map icons in the new paper style.
- Added the peaceful pack flax strands to the string options.
- Added glass jar of gunpowder to gunpowder options by Roger Hughes.
- Added submarine sandwich option to bread, cooked pork, cooked steak by Roger Hughes.
- Added beekeeping mod honey glazed pork to cooked pork options.
- Added steak and eggs to cooked steak options.
- Added breaded fish platter (based on design by Roger Hughes) and ika sushi options to cooked fish.
- Added garbage option to rotting meat.

- 38 options for emerald ore, including repurposed mystic ores gems (emerald, topaz, sapphire, amethyst) and gold options.
- A new gold nugget option for gold ore.
- 18 emerald block options - 4 styles for emerald, topaz, sapphire and amethyst, as well as 2 gold options.
- 47 emerald icons from a large mix of new/repurposed textures, including various gem forms, gold nuggets, money bags, and coins.
- A fix for smooth lapis lazuli blocks and a new lapis lazuli block by Roger Hughes.
- Added one of the mystic ores sapphire styles to lapis lazuli ore options.
- Added several mystic ores sapphire styles to lapis lazuli icon options.
- Added new redstone ore icon by Roger Hughes, as well as a new redstone ore texture based on that icon.
- Added rupee and chaos emerald options for redstone ore icons, as well as made them options for the unused ruby icon.
- 6 'new'-style gravel options in various lumpy and crushed stone to better emulate the new official style; the crushed types also available as cobblestone.
- Added following options for glass in 4 new wood colours: modern windows, classic windows, thin trellis and thick trellis.
- Added following options for glowstone in 4 new wood colours: SMP-style, candle box, weave lamp.
- Added RPG and Fancy RPG window options in all 6 wood colours by Foxx Ramos.
- Added 'large brick' sandstone texture by Braeden, and 'large plain panel' sandstone texture for regular and decorative sandstone.
- Added 'rough block' half slab and decorative stone textures by Braeden, in light and dark stone.
- Added new smooth loose cobblestone option in light and dark stone by Braeden, to smooth stone and cobblestone options.
- Added 2 smooth loose mossy cobblestone options based on textures by Braeden, as well as white and red flower variants of these options, to mossy cobblestone.
- Added a rusted grate iron block option by Roger Hughes.

- 8 styles of ender chest - purple and cyan eye chests in black, purple or magma obsidian, and marble chests with black or purple obsidian.
- 10 new small chests - simple and classic versions in the 4 new wood colours, the original temporary placeholder painterly chest, and a fridge by Fuzzballfox.
- 8 new large chests - simple and classic versions in the 4 new wood colours.
- new storage cart icons for all new chest types.
- 10 new signs - 'smooth' wood signs for light and dark wood, and classic and smooth versions for all 4 new wood colours.

- Added gui options for new creative gui menus - inventory, search, and tabs.
- Added 3 options for trading menu gui - plain, stone buttons, and stone trading area.
- Updated icons.png for compatibility with new server options.
- Added a crystal torch lightmap option submitted by Braeden.
- Added dragon health bar gui to options for experience bars.
- Fixed a bug involving using pre-made packs with cocoa pods.
- Fixed a bug involving the old feather options.

May 16th update:

This patch adds several options to prepare Painterly for the 1.3 release! Furthermore, it begins expansion of the new wood colours into the other options, beginning with doors, boats, minecarts and crafting tables. Several fixes have also been added, and next update we're hoping to push out the new coding backend! This time around you can look forward to:
- 2 new wood textures, in all 6 wood colours.
- Expanded base wood textures to all 6 wood colours.
- Crafting table options expanded into the 4 new wood colours.
- Boat options expanded into the 4 new wood colours.
- Cart options expanded into all 6 wood colours.
- 3 popular door options expanded into the 4 new wood colours.
- 4 font options added.
- 4 gui options for writable books: black, brown, white wine, red wine.
- 3 new feather options, fixed older feather graphics.
- 3 arrow options added for various coloured feathers with arrows.
- 13 new book options for basic/written books.
- 29 book & quill options for combinations of books/feathers.
- Squid option added for fish.
- Dark stone rough hewn sword added.
- Added 'invisible' option for biome triangles.
- Happysocks creeper!
- 2 adventure skeletons added by Roger Hughes
- 6 types of cocoa pods added - classic, brown, green, yellow, berry and mushroom.
- 4 types of tall grass added - long quad, short quad, ferns, and curlferns.
- More backend coding updates and testing.

Mar. 23rd update:

This patch updates Painterly to Minecraft 1.2.4 functionality. Although not a lot of new blocks were added, absolute gobs of new options were added for them, because that's just how we roll. A few community requests and fixes were also added.

Featured items in this patch are:
- Added a miniature sandworm option for desert shrubs.
- Added 'shrub' bushes option for tall grass in all 6 colour sets.
- Fixed issue with Autumn biome shaders not downloading properly.
- Added large flower mossy cobblestone options for cobble and brick.
- Added 59 (yes 59) decorative stone options for ornamental stone blocks. Includes several existing and new textures, as well as flat marble and basalt options.
- Added 23 decorative sandstone options for ornamental sandstone blocks. Includes several existing textures, as well as a few glyph, sand garden, and square block options.
- Added pillar graphics, with 3 types of top, 3 types of bottom, and 3 types of column to choose from, which you can mix and match. Use a top, middle and bottom with the 3 new ornamanetal blocks to make marble pillars!
- Added marble pillar option for dyed cloth and dyes.
- Tweaked several old wood plank textures.
- Added chestnut, raw wood, aged wood, and pecan wood plank options for all 8 wood plank styles, for the 3 decorative wood plank options.
- Reticulated splines.

Feb 26th update:

This patch adds 1.2 compatibility, as well as expands several existing textures into new categories, and adds a handful of fun new options, as well. Several new biome options due to popular demand, as well as a veritable swarm of cats. New MCPatcher compatibility options include biome shaders for pine, birch, swamp and swampgrass regions, as well as working custom lightmaps by Brae53. This time around, you can expect:

- Vase variant for cauldrons.
- Additional Zekey-style dyed cloth block option with varying patterns.
- "Wave" and "Burst" booster rail options for all track types.
- Biome version of the RPG grass.
- Candy jellybean option for redstone ore to match jellybean redstone wire.
- Ornate bow option in 3 styles.
- Cherry option to replace apples.
- All existing lightmaps updated to MCPatcher compatibility by Brae53.
- Giant brick (by Mug of Bro), aged brick, and rough stone and mortar brick options.
- Rough stone and large stone options for bricks. Separated bricks from brick icon options.
- Added corn crops, and several new types of crop seeds/corn-based wheat and bread.
- Separated seeds, bread and wheat from crop choices, added several existing seeds/food items to these options.
- Added alchemy table GUI without bottles.
- Added 9 new biome options: seasonal, harvest, golden harvest, surreal, emerald, dark emerald, green swamp, brown swamp, and wasteland.
- Added option to include MCPatcher files for swamp biome, swamp grass, pine trees and birch trees.
- Added machete graphic to shears options.
- Added bone torches to torch options.
- Added soul sand skulls options to end stone options.
- Added several wooden trellis options to metal fence options.
- Added grey nether stone options to cobblestone, mossy cobblestone, and cracked cobblestone.
- 11 new EXP potion options.
- 31 new lamp options.
- 6 new sapling options.
- 8 new tree bark options, including jungle tree bark and several monster barks.
- 17 new jungle-themed leaf options.
- 15 cat options: Roamin, orange tabby, grey tabby, white, black, tuxedo, mottled, calico, tortoiseshell, tiger, siamese, ocelot, revolver ocelot, Johnny Cat, and meowshroom.
- 12 golem options: light and dark stone golems in plain, red flower and yellow flower, laputa golems in new, aged and overgrown, iron golems in new and classic style, and a redstone-powered robot.
- Back-end updates continue.

Feb 4th update:

We've done a massive site overhaul, largely thanks to the efforts of master internet coder extraordinaire, Pixotic! In addition to a more modernized layout and several new graphics and widgets, this long-needed overhaul paves the way for a more ambitious back-end overhaul down the road that will make things run much more smoothly and allow for even faster updates. Some new items to check out on the site:

- Added new widgets for patch notes and donations (which you've found if you're here.)
- Added a twitter feed widget. Subscribe to get all the lastest Painterly news!
- Moved previews to their own section, available from the main page.
- Randomized preview footer on the main page - tons of neato screenshots to see!
- Better looking and more intergrated ad layouts, to make things a little nicer looking, as well as hopefully keep the site afloat. :)
- GoodDog font support for all sorts of little bits and pieces such as headers and important notice text.
- Site should display more consistently in all browsers - code is standardized and updated to css and php.
- Several backend updates you probably will never see or notice.

Jan 20th update:

A mini-update with a couple left-over items that didn't make it into the telethon graphics package in time. Also included are screenshots of all the new Telethon mobs, thanks to courageous war photographer LizzyintheSky. Woohoo! This time around, you can expect to find:

- Fixed graphical issue with Gygas moon.
- Fixed graphical issue with spider eyes on Telethon spiders.
- Fixed graphical issue with Endermen eyes on Bendermen and SCP-173.
- Fixed a few incorrect telethon credits and typos in customizer.
- Added 'windblown snow' option as sand, snow, and grass cover.
- Added updated NES and enhanced NES art files.
- Added new inventory icons for new NES art files.
- Updated customizer entries and info pages with screenshots for all new mobs.
- Rotated misaligned animal bottoms to comply with 1.0 standards.
- Added randomobs mod compatibility.

Jan 16th update:

The telethon textures are finally here! Over 750 texture items created, all said and done, as part of the painterly telethon, as chosen by YOU, the viewer at home. I hope everyone enjoys this fan-driven bundle. Thank you again, everyone who made the telethon possible, and for your awesome suggestions and generous donations. You guys are the best. Check HERE to see who bid on what. Also, a huge thanks to Fuzzball Fox, who donated several bonus textures and helped in his free time. This time around, you can find:

- New 'retro NES' style paintings file
- Red engineer, Blu engineer, villager, ghostly villager, roman centurion, and daedric armors.
- New black book file.
- Simple and reinforced chest options, as well as recursive safe chests in silver and gunsteel blue.
- New watch dial and pocketwatch-style watch.
- Gonzo the Great, Squidward, Zoidberg, and Testificate style villagers.
- Wood Duck variant for the chicken.
- Suit and tie, Bender, and alternate universe Bender endermen.
- BEE HELL bee ghast with appropriate honey laternates for ghast tears.
- Lava-streaked magma slime.
- Bee costume and Lady Gaga meat dress zombie pigmen.
- White and grey skeletons, with armor, or with a belt.
- Mexican, funnelweb, and brown fuzzy striped spiders.
- Squid in a cat disguise.
- Roamin cat-wolves.
- Silent Hill nurse-style zombie.
- "Simple" variant mystic ores tools for mithril tools.
- Cartoon and cartoon ring style suns.
- Gygas and Matsumoto style moons.
- Beige quilt and Ghast style beds.
- Red velvet, chocolate frosting with sprinkles, key lime pie, surprise pie, christmas cake, pizza, and monster cake options for the cake.
- White cauldron.
- Plain Zekey-style cloth option.
- Modern and primitive style crafting table options, in light and dark wood.
- Tibetan cherry tree bark wood options for trees.
- Aged wood log interior option.
- Cedar bonsai tree sapling option.
- Ornate dungeon and Saxon's Fridge variants for the dispenser face.
- Two new styles of dirt based on the original game textures.
- Mirrodin, biome mirrodin, metal mirrodin, and rpg-style grass options.
- Mirrodin-style mushroom mycelium option.
- Mirrodin-style ice crystals snow option.
- Mirrodin-style sand, in sand and grey, tarnished and clean, colours.
- Fat-style small cacti.
- Roamin the cat as flower and desert shrub options.
- New 'smooth' mushroom stem option.
- Magma lava enchanting table variant.
- Snowflake obsidian variant for obsidian blocks.
- Handholds, and rope ladders in simple/tied variants in dark, light and white wood, for ladders.
- Glass, reinforced, wardrobe, windowed wardrobe, and windowed solid door options in light and dark wood.
- Thick TNT stick and crash bandicoot variants for TNT blocks.
- Clay jug sandstone variant for decorative purposes in creative.
- Smiley face gold and iron decorative blocks.
- Bismuth diamond ore and decorative blocks.
- "Chunk" style uniform ore blocks for iron, gold and diamond, with matching icons.
- Chaos emerald diamond ore blocks, with matching icons.
- Geode and triple sphere style style redstone ore blocks, with matching icons.
- Flat tile and planetary-style lapis lazuli decorative blocks.
- Brown, green, and war of the worlds-style netherrack and nether brick.
- 2 variants of 'ethereal' glowstone.
- Candy, wire, and dust versions of redstone powder trails, with matching icons.
- Lightbulb, clear lightbulb, flourescent lightbulb, crystal, and glass bulb versions of torches.
- White wood and industrial versions of switch handles.
- Windblown barleywheat and meat versions of crops.
- Various new egg textures, including speckled, robin and green.
- Cave fish and cave eel fish options, as well as fished up can of spaghetti.
- Peach and peach guy replacements for apples/golden apples.
- Ball of yarn dye options.
- Duck, goose and penguin feather options.
- Borscht style mushroom stew.
- Mug style potions and grenades.
- Clay jug, and wood bucket in light and dark styles, as bucket alternates.
- Chocolate and pudding variants for cookies.
- Mushroom, apple, bread and grape style hunger bars.
- "Steakeye" comedy steak option.
- Human heart and human toe rotting zombie meat options.
- Bag of gold option for gold nuggets, in 2 varieties.
- Smooth style flint shard.
- Meat, grain, and mononoke style plant seeds.
- Ornate-covered black and brown books.
- "Enchanting" style swords for all tool types.
- Vegetable style wood tools.
- Meat and dark stone style stone tools.
- Plain style gold tools.
- Ornate and runed style iron tools, as well as scimitar and wrench style sword options, and a unique pick.
- Plain, blue runed and red runed style diamond tools, as well as a lolipop, lightsaber, and runed scimitar option set for the sword.
- Monster spawning eggs in egg, bead, crystal, SCP file and SCP report variations.

Dec 25th update:


Nov 28th update:

Apologies for delays in getting the last of this update out - as those who have been in contact with me know, real live has been kicking my butt lately, between losing my old home, hospital visits, and job hunting. Apologies, however, I've got something very special planned to mark the 5 million downloads event here at Painterly, which will be happening pretty darn soon!

This pack rounds out the last of the Release Candidate options that were missing, and fixes a few minor issues in current packs. Available this update is:

- Fixed some ongoing minor GUI issues.
- 6 Ender Dragon textures - Ender, Cosmic, Black, Red, Green and Blue.
- 7 Ender Dragon egg options.
- 26 Ender Crystal options - Rune Crystal and Lament Configuration options for all 13 styles of bedrock.
- 4 Ender sky options.
- 8 Ender crystal beam options, for the dragon healing particle beam.
- 11 variations on the boss health bar.

Oct 26th update:

The biggest update ever! You'll find it was well worth the wait - providing complete compatibility and customization for the 1.9 prereleases (except for dragons, which are coming as the End area is further developed). Over 800 new graphical items were added for this massive update, and more will be coming down the road, to be sure. This tima round, you can find:
- All mobs should now have thumbnail images in customizer, thanks to CBox, Marux, RNG, Monicro, and others.
- Phases for all old moon selections.
- 9 new moons - shimmering shattered moon, square moon, eye, phasing harvest, phasing boneyard, eclipse, chairface chippenmoon, alienist moon, and the classic minecraft moon.
- New graphic for spellbooks on enchanting tables.
- New enchanting table GUI.
- Added basic ice and shingles options to cracked brick blocks.
- Added richer-colour new style gold ingot, and rupee diamond shard.
- Added snowman charm to pumpkin seed options.
- 2 new Glowstone options adapted with permission from the SMP Revival pack.
- Variety grab bag of weapons (1 wood, 1 stone, 1 iron, 3 diamond, 2 gold) created by, or based on designs by internet persona bibbyboy123.
- Chests and large chests in plain and fancy dark and light wood styles, green and red wrapped presents, and cardboard boxes.
- 4 new explosion graphics - a donut style burst, zelda-style smoke, and two sets adapted from the Metal Slug series of video games.
- Outhouse doors in dark and light wood by That_Lamer.
- Small-eyed variants of the pink pig, brown pig, winged pigs, lost pig, white sheep, black sheep, cow and mooing polar bear by That_Lamer.
- Mooshrooms in all 7 mushroom colours: red, toadstool orange, deathcap orange, beige, gold, autumn brown and poison blue.
- 6 Blaze monster options, with netherrack, red stone, brinstar, dark stone, light stone, and obsidian blaze rods.
- 7 Lava slime options, in red stone, grey stone, brinstar, black obsidian, purple obsidian, lightstone, and honey variants.
- All 6 classes of villager have been redesigned from the ground up in various outfits, and come in brown and green goblin, pink and brown pig, cow, and sheep varieties!
- Dark biome-compliant melon vines.
- Dark biome-complinant ivy vines in standard, thin, thick and ladder styles.
- New 'Leafy' ivy vine options for all 4 ivy vine colours.
- 8 Lilypads - 6 in light biome, dark biome and green between two styles each, and 2 green lilypads with flowers on them.
- 6 styles of Netherwort - tendril, eye, mushroom, leafy, fantasy leaves, and bee hell grubs.
- New Alchemy GUI with choice of embedded round bottles, vials, or Mario-style bottles.
- 2 new shelves and 1 decorative wood option for bookshelves in both wood shades.
- 11 new Mycelium textures for mushroom biomes, in 3 lengths, with all 4 dirt types - 102 unique textures in all! Pick from all 7 mushroom colours, roots, stem, spotted white and classic colours.
- 22 nether brick options, designed to match the various netherrack textures.
- 5 Spider eyes options - Bright and dull single and cluster, as well as a full set of 8.
- Fermented spider eyes also available in single, cluster and set.
- 13 styles of Eye of ender, including classic teal and purple eyes, basketball gag options, and several keys to match the various seals.
- 7 styles of ghast fireball - stone, glowing and lava-streaked stone and obsidian, fireball and floating eye.
- 18 items used in various combinations of blaze rod and blaze powder, including rods, shards, orbs, fireballs, coals, powder, dust, dust pouches, wands and blaze cores.
- Cauldrons in plain, star-studded, and skull-studded styles.
- 8 gold nugget options - 2 nuggets, rings, and 5 styles of coins.
- Gold-plated version of all melon options for Glistering Melons.
- 4 potion rack bases - marble, light stone, dark stone, and ice.
- 6 potion rack bodies - gold and iron in all 3 potion types.
- 3 potion types - bottle, vial, and subcon bottle.
- 5 varieties of grenade for each potion type - 15 choices in total.
- Enchanting tables available in black obsidian, purple obsidian, dark wood and light wood, with your choice of diamond-studded top or crafting table style top for the wood tables.
- Ender stone in light, dungeon, dark, ice, and white stone varieties.
- Ender gate stands in classic, diamond, crafting table, glyph, marble, and keyhole marble styles.
- Ender gate keys in teal eye, purple eye, glyph, marble, and star styles.
- A variety grab bag of record options, including plain records, ornamented records that match the song style/name/theme, and a few bonus ones for good measure.
- New, faster, more reliable site back-end coming soon!

Sept 16th update:

Compatibility patch for Beta 1.8. Lots of new goodies for all those amazing new items and doodads and monsters and foods. What you can expect this time around:
- added 'remove' pumpkin blur and made all 11 pumpkin blurs selectable
- added 5 melon options - classic, watermelon, leafy watermelon, pumpkin and honeydew
- added 11 melon slice options for the various melon types
- added 8 cracked stone textures
- added sidewalk cement half brick texture
- added 15 window pane side textures (selected automatically through window choice)
- added 13 ivy textures in normal, green and dead
- added 3 vine textures in normal, green and dead
- added 7 iron bars textures
- added 9 seeds textures including pumpkin, melon, honeydew, as well as medallion replacements for graves, gargoyles, etc.
- added 3 enderman pearl options - normal, sparkling, slams and jams
- added 5 rotting flesh options - arms, guts and brains
- added 2 new light cooked pork options for haunches and chops
- added 5 steak options - ribeye, t-bone, haunch, burger, bulgogi
- added 4 chicken options - drumstick, whole chicken, bucket, and CFC (Creeper Fried Chicken)
- added 12 exp orb options - normal, metroid, coin, ring, bolt, diamond, text, square, square, star, sparkles, zenny and rupees
- added 7 mushroom skin options for all mushroom styles
- added 6 mushroom underside options - gills and spots in brown, beige and ecru
- added 2 mushroom stem options - horizontal and vertical stretching
- added 4 drawn bow styles - normal and energy arrows in normal and fantasy bows
- added 3 endermen styles - normal, cosmic and SCP-173
- added 3 silverfish styles - dark stone, light stone and maggot
- added a cave spider texture
- added 9 exp bar options, classic, shadow, wood, stone and metal in normal and rainbow bars
- added 3 hunger bars - meat, chicken, and cheeseburger (cheeseburger created by T Hartman!)
- added 3 lightmaps - classic, clean light, and blood moon
- added creative mode gui interface
- ensnouted all pigs
- various new gui options
- wildgrass mod has once again been temporarily disabled.
- more back end improvements. THANK YOU dpb and Pixotic for all your hard work with ongoing improvements. :)

Aug 18th update:

A new GUI option for the updated Airships mod has been added. Nothing else to report. Sorry!

Aug 11th update:

A hotfix has been added which SHOULD restore cookies and password functionality. More or less. We're working on a new back end which should take care of these problems on a more permanent bases, but there's no ETA as it's a huge project.

Aug 07th update:

There have been some improvements to make the customizer load a bit faster. Big thanks to Scaevolus, CapnCapacitor and Alligator for their help on that front. Unfortunately, we've discovered the breaking and 302/500/config errors were being caused by the password/cookie files being too large due to the sheer number of options, so we've had to disable them for the moment.

This update continues our ongoing increased support for the Yogbox, with many new textures added to support its many mods! Obviously not everything is there, but it's getting more complete every update.

You can merge your customized Painterly with the one included in Yogbox by unzipping the painterly you download from here, and copying the files over top of the ones included in the Painterly found in Yogbox, and then using that pack. This will allow you to keep your choices while still getting all the other options in Yogbox. Available this update is:

- Added red and yellow flowered mossy cobblestone for detailed bricks and both dungeon stone styles.
- Added rough-hewn diamond tools.
- ALLOCATOR - Added optional GUI for SmallDeadGuy's Allocator Patch which expands Allocator functionality.
- PEACEFUL PACK - 5 slime pool textures added in all normal slime colours.
- YOGBOX - 5 options for Crystal Wing, including a Hearthstone and a jewel.
- YOGBOX - 4 options for the recipe book
- YOGBOX - shark tooth graphic for mo'creatures
- YOGBOX - 5 shark egg options for mo'creatures
- YOGBOX - 6 fish egg options for mo'creatures
- ELEMENTAL ARROWS - 6 homing bow options
- ELEMENTAL ARROWS - added fire and ice arrows
- ELEMENTAL ARROWS - 2 lighting arrow options, and 2 egg arrow options
- ELEMENTAL ARROWS - 4 explosive arrow options
- MORE HEALTH - 6 styles of small heart piece available
- MORE HEALTH - 3 styles of large heart container available
- BONE MODS - 5 types of bone torches to pick from
- BONE MODS - 3 types of gilded bones to pick from
- BONE MODS - 5 slime wands, matching the slime ball colour in your inventory
- BONE MODS - 4 lightning wands, 2 glowing with electric energy, and 2 with flaming energy
- BONE MODS - 5 styles of bam stick, including TNT stick, TNT wand, bomb, creeper sceptre and creeper mace.
- SEASONS - 2 styles of thermometer
- SEASONS - 2 styles of seasons watch
- SEASONS - added custom seasons dial
- SEASONS - added autumn biome shaders for grass and foliage
- SEASONS - 23 types of autumn plants to pick from for your red and yellow autumn flower selections

Jul 25th update:

More mod support! This time around, we've got some added support for some of the more popular stone-and-ore-based mods featured in the infamous Yogbox. Included in the 364 newly added textures is full support for the Randomite, Mystic Ores, and Mystic Dungeons mods.

Featured are:
- Added the tutorial level for the Amazopack to the Amazopack page - try it today!
- 3 new mushroom stew options to represent the bitter soup recipe from Mystic Dungeons
- 1 new flint graphic in the style of the Mystic Ores shards
- 2 new coal ore textures
- MYSTIC ORES - 15 verdite ore types - various types of metal ore, rpg ore chunks, floral ores and an alternate of bronze for those who want less fantasy ores, in various stone type combinations.
- MYSTIC ORES - 11 mithril ore types - normal, purple obsidian inset, black obsidian inset and rpg style, in various combinations of light, dark and ice stone
- MYSTIC ORES - 5 adamantite ore types - normal and rpg in combinations of light, dark and ice stone
- MYSTIC ORES - 10 iridium ore types - ore, cluster and meteor in light, dark and ice stone, plus bonus fallen meteor texture
- MYSTIC ORES - 6 each of amethyst, sapphire and emerald ore blocks - shards and orbs in all 3 stone types
- MYSTIC ORES - 9 topaz ore blocks - shards, orbs and amber in all 3 stone types
- MYSTIC ORES - 11 verdite ingot textures, including 4 floral ingot options, and 4 bronze variants
- MYSTIC ORES - 5 mithril ingot textures
- MYSTIC ORES - 5 adamantite ingot textures
- MYSTIC ORES - 7 iridium ingot textures
- MYSTIC ORES - 7 iridium nugget textures
- MYSTIC ORES - 2 glass shard textures (shard and glass bits)
- MYSTIC ORES - 19 reinforced glass textures - 7 each in purple and black, plus 5 metal-lined glass textures from the original glass options
- MYSTIC ORES - 2 obsidian shard textures (purple and black)
- MYSTIC ORES - 2 obsidian rod textures (purple and black)
- MYSTIC ORES - 6 textures for each of amethyst, emerald and sapphire gems
- MYSTIC ORES - 7 topaz gem textures - 5 topaz and 2 amber variant textures
- MYSTIC ORES - 8 mystic powder textures
- MYSTIC ORES - 25 bloodstone textures - one for each netherrack type, 4 red stone types and bonus bee hell bloodcomb
- MYSTIC ORES - 20 red soulstone textures - one for each netherrack type
- MYSTIC ORES - 20 black soulstone textures - one for each netherrack type
- MYSTIC ORES - 20 blue soulstone textures - one for each netherrack type
- MYSTIC ORES - 7 bloodstone fragment textures
- MYSTIC ORES - 2 sets of bloodstone tools - obsidian heartstone and gag nether tools
- MYSTIC ORES - 2 sets of obsidian tools - purple and black, plus variant 'fancy' obsidian hoes
- MYSTIC ORES - 4 sets of verdite tools - metal, ivy and floral (plus some floral/metal variants for sword, shovel and axe), and a bronze tool variant
- MYSTIC ORES - 1 set of mithril tools, plus a sword and pick/axe variant
- MYSTIC ORES - 2 sets of adamantite tools - metal and living ore
- MYSTIC ORES - 1 set of iridium tools plus 'meteor on a stick' gag option
- MYSTIC DUNGEONS - 6 iron treasurebox textures - sealed box, lockbox, and puzzle box in light and dark wood styles
- MYSTIC DUNGEONS - 4 vine textures (2 green, 2 floral)
- MYSTIC DUNGEONS - 3 vine segment textures
- RANDOMITE - 5 total randomite ore stone textures in 2 styles (rainbow ore, Mario ore)

Jul 22nd update:

We're not dead! In fact, quite the opposite :)

Amazo has been updated to work with Minecraft 1.7.3, so you can now enjoy the exciting world of pistons and shears alongside your amazo-ness! Tutorial coming VERY soon, as well as support for a few new mods, when I can finish updating the back end for them.

Featured this (small) update:
- Amazopack installer now compatible with Minecraft 1.7.3
- Re-enabled Wildgrass options, wildgrass in customizer now compatible with 1.7.3
- We're looking into back-end issues for IE users. Sorry, no ETA at this time.

Jun 30th update:

Compatibility patch for Beta 1.7. I hope you all appreciate that thanks to Pistons using wood, stone AND slimes, I had to make seventy bajillion options to account for all combinations! :)

Featured are:
- 38 piston back styles (I kinda got carried away here)
- 9 piston front styles
- 10 piston side styles
- 9 piston plunger styles - 3 each of dark wood, light wood, and metal.
- regular and splattered slime options for all plunger heads, in all slime colours.
- 6 shears options - shears, hedge trimmers, 2 types of scissors, a dagger and a razor.
- added Pusherbot and Shoverbot.
- added 2 'aligned brick' cobblestone and 2 'aligned brick' mossy cobblestone options.
- added slower-burning chandelier option for Amazopack beekeeping mods. (Requires MCPatcher to use.)
- Amazopack is still only 1.6.6 compatible - so don't upgrade if you want to use your Amazo worlds!
- cakes and beds updated to use new graphics format.
- wildgrass mod has been disabled until it is compatible with the new graphics layout in terrain.png.
- more back end improvements.

Jun 24th update:

It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here! THE AMAZOPACK! Six amazing mods by four amazing modders, with hopefully some more on the way! Click the link at the top of the page to find out what it's all about, who's responsible for making these beautiful mods, and honestly, who you should be donating to if you can for their fantastic work. Somethingawful, Reddit, Yogscast, and all the other amazing and fantastic Painterly and modding supporters out there - this is for you!

This update adds the following options to the base minecraft game:
- 'Bee hell' nether textures for glowstone, glowstone dust, netherrack and soul sand
- Golden lava option for MCPatcher, to match the 'Bee Hell' theme.
- 6 fossil-themed textures for bones.
- Minor customizer back-end tweaks and updates.

This update also adds over 320 new graphics supporting 6 mods, including:
- ROPE - New rope, rope top, and rope inventory icons for this mod.
- PEACEFUL PACK - added cloth graphics.
- PEACEFUL PACK - 2 seed graphics: flax and cotton.
- PEACEFUL PACK - 3 fiber options: green, beige and white.
- PEACEFUL PACK - 5 flax options: green, olive, cotton, ropegrass and fantasy weed.
- PEACEFUL PACK - 7 sulphur ore textures: ice + 3 for each stone type.
- PEACEFUL PACK - 7 niter ore textures: ice + 3 for for each stone type.
- PEACEFUL PACK - 4 sulphur item textures - 3 crystals and powder.
- PEACEFUL PACK - 4 niter item textures - 2 powders and 2 crystals
- PEACEFUL PACK - 36 fossil options: 12 styles each in dark stone, light stone and ice, including human bones, creeper bones, dinosaur bones, coelacanth and trilobite.
- ALLOCATOR - added new gui for the allocator.
- ALLOCATOR - 5 styles for allocators: 2 brown stone, dark, light and neutral stone.
- ALLOCATOR - 5 styles for fans: 2 brown stone, dark, light and neutral stone.
- ALLOCATOR - 28 jump pad textures: classic, slimy, slime blocks, and checkerboard, note, and slime blocks in assorted wood frames and slime colours.
- AIRSHIP - changed back-end file structure to intergrate with rest of amazopack options.
- MOB MASKS - added base blank mask texture.
- MOB MASKS - added base sheep mask texture.
- MOB MASKS - 3 zombie mask textures: painterly, classic-style and yeti.
- MOB MASKS - 3 cow mask textures: painterly, special needs and mooing polar bear.
- MOB MASKS - 5 skeleton mask textures: human, wolf, pig, cow and sheep skulls.
- MOB MASKS - 5 creeper mask textures: painterly, classic, demichina, happy and Israphel.
- MOB MASKS - 6 pig mask textures: painterly, special needs, pigman, brown pig, brown special needs, brown pigman.
- BEEKEEPING - light and dark wood GUI for apiaries (bee boxes).
- BEEKEEPING - light and dark wood GUI for presses.
- BEEKEEPING - light and dark wood GUI for incubators.
- BEEKEEPING - added new armor texture for beekeeper's hat.
- BEEKEEPING - added new beehive graphics.
- BEEKEEPING - 3 options for apiaries (bee boxes): light, dark and whitewashed wood.
- BEEKEEPING - 3 options for apiary tops: metal, corroded metal and wood.
- BEEKEEPING - 6 options for presses: light, dark and whitewashed wood with stone or iron tops.
- BEEKEEPING - 6 options for incubators: light, dark and whitewashed wood in variable or 'on' modes.
- BEEKEEPING - 6 honey block options: honey cube, dripping cube, and 4 types of honeycomb.
- BEEKEEPING - 24 wax/pressed wax options: rough block, smooth block, melting block, indent block, honeycomb, giant candle, and 2 types of honeycomb emblazoning, in white, ecru or gold colours.
- BEEKEEPING - 4 queen bee options: regular, crown, aura, and aura + crown.
- BEEKEEPING - added wax and grub comb graphics.
- BEEKEEPING - 2 honeycomb options: wet or sealed honey.
- BEEKEEPING - 3 pressed wax options: blobs or cells in white, ecru or gold.
- BEEKEEPING - 7 candle options taken from various torch options.
- BEEKEEPING - added chandelier and gold chandelier graphics.
- BEEKEEPING - 7 honey and honey jar options: honey drop, honey splat, honey cell, bowl, small vial, large vial, jar.
- BEEKEEPING - 7 raw honey pork options: coated and half-coated in all 3 meat styles, and platter prep.
- BEEKEEPING - 4 honey-glazed pork options: all 3 meat styles, and party platter.

Jun 03rd update:

Another major milestone - 2,000,000 customized pack downloads AND 1,000,000 non-customized pack downloads! You guys and gals are amazing! I can only hope that I can keep making everyone happy with continued improvements to the pack! As a thank you to everyone, a special little bonus has been added to celebrate this monumental occasion. Check out the 'mobs' section of the page for a preview!

We're aware of the issue with thumbnails not being displayed in certain browser/OS combinations and know what's causing it, unfortunately it's not a simple fix. We're working on solutions and should have something soon that will get everything working tip-top once again. Sorry for the inconvenience - you can still preview the images by rolling your mouse over where the thumbnail should be, in the meantime.

UPDATE: Scaevolus has fixed the thumbnail issue - they should now be appearing again for everyone. Refresh your page if you still don't see them! Thank you Scaevolus!

Jun 01st update:

Mostly an improvement patch and a few community items. I wasn't really happy with how the biome wheatgrass turned out, so I redid it, and added several new options, to boot. Also included are some screen door trapdoors (thanks for the idea, Extranoise!) and other assorted trapdoors, a new glowstone by Core25, and some new doors by myself and Slye_Fox.

Featured are:
- 11 new trapdoor options - screen door in dark wood, light wood, whitewashed wood and metal, various metal trapdoors, and hatches by Slye_Fox.
- 3 new sturdy door options by Slye_Fox.
- 2 new Reinforced door options for both metal and wood doors.
- 1 new 'gold lantern panel' glowstone texture by Core25.
- 1 new screen window texture.
- 6 new wheatgrass options in all colours - 3 lengths of scrub, 2 lengths of lawn, and hay.
- reworked the biome wheatgrass options slightly.
- added missing graphics for in-use fishing poles.
- split raw and cooked fish into 2 separate customizer options.
- more back end improvements.

May 26th update:

Beta 1.6 support has been added! Enjoy your maps and wheatgrass and trap doors and desert shrubs and whatever else you fancy. In addition to options I've created, you can find several community options included as well, such as more amazing new armor options by the talented LvK, and an arctic slime by TS-19.

Featured are:
- updated the paper graphic for standard reeds
- updated the signs art pack with new graphic sent by Extranoise of Quandary Pack fame
- added classic-style leather armor by LvK
- added classic-style iron armor by LvK
- added new armor icons for new armor sets
- added new chess cloth blocks and dyes, inspired by a suggestion from Sketch
- added 3 new lapis lazuli blocks
- added arctic slime texture based on design and concepts from TS-19
- included new map background images
- included 6 map inventory icon options
- included 17 trap door options
- included 36 wheatgrass options, useable on either wheatgrass texture
- included 22 desert shrub options
- customizer back end code has been changed to hopefully fix some minor ongoing issues and make upgrading in the future slightly easier.

May 11th update:

Another tiny update, adding a few things I had in the works but didn't have time for yesterday, as well as some amazing new community-submitted armor options by the talented LvK.

Featured are:
- fixed minor alignment issue with some gui options
- new cloth armor: barbarian
- new cloth armor: barbarian with fake muscle suit
- new iron armor: horned helmet savage plate
- new gold armor: variant gag armor
- new diamond armor: high-fantasy redstone tech
- 2 new brown pig options - regular and special needs
- 4 new pink pigman options - regular and eyeless in normal and bone
- 2 new pink zombie pigman options

May 10th update:

Added support for airships. Because airships are awesome. You can get Pchan3's airship mod HERE.

Featured are:
- added rope option for string
- 2 airship bases - light and dark wood
- 2 airship engines - light and dark wood
- 6 airship balloon options - basic white, starapple, pirate, creeper, ghast, and happy ghast

May 03rd update:

A medium-sized patch that addresses some of the final few items which didn't previously have customization options, along with a few other things here and there.

Featured are:
- 6 options for your item selection hotbar
- added option to put small numbers in corner of hotbar
- 9 options for hotbar item selection cursor
- 2 options for menu buttons
- 3 new pumpkin variants added - gargoyle, grave and strange stone
- 2 new 'dungeon-style' cobblestones added (also added as half blocks and mossy cobblestone.)
- 2 new 'dungeon-style' mossy cobblestones added
- Jiang Shi zombie added
- You can now set the water splashes in custom particles to 'small' or 'none'
- 2 new foliage colour overlays added - 'canada' and 'grit-smooth'
- 2 new grass colour overlays added - 'canada' and 'grit-smooth'
- custom graphics for achievements/statistics which currently support them added

Apr 27th update:

Wrapping up several outstanding issues and expanding on a few new ones. Lots of small things this time around. Enjoy your Jaffa Cakes, Honeydew!

Featured are:
- 9 secret door options for iron doors - all stone types plus two library options.
- 2 more wildgrass options - no grass, and sunflower-only.
- 2 spider webs to pick from.
- 3 new mushroom stews added.
- 2 jaffa cake options added for cookies.
- 2 new options for bone drops.
- 2 new concrete-style smooth stone textures.
- 2 'classic' style variants for detector tracks.
- 2 new variants for booster tracks - 'classic' and crossbar.
- 2 new types of particle effects.
- Stone lantern option for pumpkins.
- 2 new zombie options - a more 'classic' looking zombie, and a shark monster by MC-Dread
- You can now set rain to 'light' or 'invisible', though you'll still get water splashes on invisible rain.

Apr 19th update:

Welcome to beta 1.5! This is our biggest update yet, adding over 240 graphics, though to be fair many are touchups or improvements of old blocks, or old graphics modified to be compatible with 1.5's new texture pack fixes.

Pack compatibility options include:
- all rails have been redone to be compliant with the new 'center shading' standard.
- all iron blocks touched up and reduced to 1 tile. 5 new options added.
- all gold blocks touched up and reduced to 1 tile. 4 new options added.
- all diamond blocks touched up and reduced to 1 tile. 5 new options added.
- redstone wiring completely redone to conform to new standard. 14 total options are available.
- slimes now choose one of 4 matching slimeball graphics when selected for particles.

Options new for Beta 1.5 include:
- added achievement UI window graphic.
- added 2 styles (1 for subway, 3 for monorail) graphics for each track booster type.
- added 2 styles (1 for subway, 3 for monorail) graphics for each track detector type.
- added 1 oak, 2 pine, and 6 birch sapling options to existing saplings.

Festive easter options inspired by designs from Liselle include:
- added easter basket buckets.
- added easter eggs.
- added hot cross bun variant for cake.

Options to 'modernize' the look of your minecraft world include:
- added whitewashed wood siding as a wood plank texture.
- added shingles as a wood plank and cobblestone texture.
- added concrete, concrete block and asphalt options for gravel.
- added concrete, concrete block, sidewalk, and weathered block options for sandstone.
- added modern style pail buckets both with and without handles.
- added 2 modern white wood doors.
- added 2 modern wall/floor lantern options for torches.
- added 3 modern-style window options for glass.
- added oven and fridge alternates for forge and dispenser.
- 2 modern forge top graphics (plain and rangetop) to match new stove and fridge.
- packing box option for storage crates.
- added modern decorating cloth blocks option, including wallpaper, trim, and carpeting.

Miscellaneous Options include:
- rocky sand option for sandstone.
- orange clay and brick options.
- new ingot/brick option for clay, iron and gold.
- paper-wrapped dyes option.
- line block cloth for diagram construction, with matching dye replacement option.

Apr 06th update:

I've added wildgrass mod support! Select all sorts of wildgrass options from the customizer, or not, as you wish. Obviously, this requires the Wildgrass mod to work, and is disabled by default in customized packs. Also added are a couple community-request items for wolves and armor.

Featured are:
- 6 new Wolf options, including classic-style white and grey dogs, halloween skeleton dogs, and scarves instead of collars for wolves.
- Added Crogs and Crigs.
- Added variant chain armor with a proper helmet.
- 7 wildgrass grass options
- 5 wildgrass tiny flower options
- 6 wildgrass tiny cactus options
- 2 wildgrass lily pad options
- 8 new flower options, for wildgrass and regular flowers
- 5 new mushroom options, 2 of which can also be used with wildgrass and regular flowers
- Added wildgrass vines

Mar 31st update:

Over 130 new graphics today! This time around we've got a massive grab bag covering little odds and ends for every corner of the pack.

Featured are:
3 dog/wolf textures (husky/wolf, ninja dog, and corgi)
a neutral forge and dispenser with 5 top options
3 new 'b-type' rails for subway and monorails
12 new flowers (one of which doubles as a sapling)
3 new bows
arrow graphics to match the arrow icons
a magic wand stick
a new glowstone dust
'laser' diamond tools
marrow bonemeal
2 new netherrack options (one of which doubles as obsidian)
6 new soul sand options (two of which double as bedrock)
A new moon option
3 new cocoa bean options
3 new cookie options
7 new pumpkin options (watermelons!)
the original Minecraft paintings as an option
3 new grass biome shaders (thanks for your contribution Grittenoir!)
2 new leaf biome shaders (also thanks Grittenoir!)
3 new water overlays
2 new sandstone textures
4 new options for each ore type (6 for iron) including Doku-style ores
a new reclaimed ore item for each ore type
2 new TNT options (bombs!)
2 new pork chop/bacon options
2 new reeds options
4 new fancy wood plank options
2 new fancy wood bookcase options
fixed up graphics for watch dial and some pumpkin UI overlays

Mar 25th update:

We've just hit an important milestone everyone! ONE MILLION customizer downloads! Thank you all, I couldn't have come this far without the support, donations, and word of mouth and overall great assistance from the community - you folk are all so great! We're pushing over 2.5 TB of data every single month, and have just over 250,000 regular users of the pack (people who visit more than once a month).

To mark this special occasion, two special rhodox-themed items have been added to the pack - a rhodox-logo cake for celebrating, and a plush rhodox doll replacement for the gold sword. Collect em! Trade em! You can even swing em!

Another big patch is in the works, but I'm holding out until the dog patch goes live so I can do everything in one go.

Mar 12th update:

A small update - been busy preparing for various birthday shenanigans and starting a new job, so just a tiny update for now. This update adds 5 new block breaking animations, a new watch dial graphic, a new tree leaf texture, and 4 new wood plank textures and a new diamond sword. It also adds the ability to remove the vignette graphic from the pack, adds correct icons to the storage carts for the new chest options, and fixes a graphical error with the new biome textures caused by white sections on the triangles.

I would also like to take this opportunity to give a huge thanks to Mr. Cerniglia. Thank you so much for your support and kindness - I sincerely mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Mar 03rd update:

It's lavawine time! This update adds 109 new graphic items mostly centered around grapes and wine, including 2 128-frame custom lava animations! The update adds the aforementioned 2 lava animations, 2 grape replacements for crops, 2 grape replacements for reeds/sugarcane, grape and wine replacements for cane, paper, books, wheat and bread, 2 wine rack replacements for bookshelves, a glass bucket option, 6 new wood trellis window options, 5 new storage chest options, a new biome leaf texture, 4 new grass textures - golf course and ZekeySpaceyLizard pattern (used with permission) in normal and biome versions, and a ZekeySpaceyLizard-inspired quilted cloth texture and matching dyes.

Feb 22nd update:

This update adds compatability with the Beta 1.3 update, and adds 8 bed options, 6 delay block options, 5 bed inventory icons, 3 delay block inventory icons, a new community brick texture, a new glowstone texture, and a temporary fix for the new Redwire code, which, while less than optimal, works for the moment.

Feb 19th update:

This update adds 6 new lightstone options, a SNES-themed painting style, removes the melting sprites paintings (they were lazy and almost nobody used them), and most importantly, adds alternate dirt options. This was a huge undertaking, requiring 176 new graphic tiles to be created to cover every combination of grass and soil colour and length, as well as a huge amount of backend coding for the logic to apply the tiles. So I hope it's appreciated!

Thanks to further back end code improvements by xax, customizer now also supports a few additional quality of life features. Categories in the customizer can now be expanded or collapsed, super-option buttons are now available to do things like set all wood or stone options to a single colour or pre-load specific theme packs like the halloween pack, and a password system has been introduced that allows you to share your packs with your friends. Enjoy!!

Feb 10th update:

This update adds 2 new weapons (wood staff and frying pan), as well as 'piercing' orientation for the lance, spear, glaive and stick, 6 shades of 'broad leaf' leaf blocks in various green hues, and a new set of cloth blocks in 4 varieties, and matching dye icons, for a variety of signs and markers that take advantage of the multiple block patterns offered by the new dyeing system. You can preview the signs in the materials section, and the icon replacements for dyes and what they were designed for in the resources section.

Feb 05th update:

A substantial update, we'll call this one the 'Mistakes and Ladders' update. This update mainly addresses a lot of longstanding community requests or concerns, as well as adds a few fun things off my list of stuff to do. There was also a substantial backend performance upgrade done by Scaevolus on the Customizer - everyone should notice it loading much faster now.

78 new graphic options have been added this time around: 2 new suns and 2 new moons, 'realistic' style bricks in light and dark normal and mossy, 'realistic' style half blocks in 6 varieties, 4 new leaf colours (including pink petals), a brown cacti, 2 new coal textures, leather patches for cows, dye petals, cacti and vials, 4 new ladders, chick replacement for eggs, 6 new shades of grass including 2 new biome compatible options, and 12 alternate weapons to replace the traditional swords.

Jan 26th update:

A moderately-sized update with a mix of often-requested items, a few suprises, and fills for gaps in options. 44 new graphics were created, including a new sandstone texture, 'realistic' options for smooth stone and cobblestone in both stone colours, mossy and flowery (red and yellow) cobblestone for 'realistic' cobble, ice dispensers in all the usual varieties, vending machine dispensers, a new bedrock pattern, paint can dyes, and Spelunkiana Jonesy hide armor! Furthermore, four community contributions have been added: a chinese art pack to match the chinese items by Mozzie, and three Quandry Pack options - feather, fishing pole and seeds - recoloured to match painterly and used with permission by their owner, Extranoise.

Jan 21st update:

Huzzah! Today Painterly hit 500,000 Customizer downloads (and nearly 350,000 vanilla pack downloads) and so in celebration of this half-million milestone, I added a couple golden items for this special occasion - wild golden roses and toadstools to enrich your world's vegetation in a truly opulent manner. Also included are another kind of gold - two lightstone textures featuring lightstone chunks embedded in blocks of smoothstone. Behind the scenes, a bunch of CSS and webpage optimizing has gone on over the last week to streamline things, and, as you've probably noticed, collapsable patch notes have been added.

Jan 18th update:

a minor update which fixed an issue with the Dispenser gui, added a new forge gui, a new flower, palm tree bark, a new type of sand and sandstone, and updated several layout and back-end issues on the page itself and in customizer. You can now click any part of a customizer entry to select it rather than just the checkbox or radio button.

Jan 15th update:

7 new tree bark options, 1 new leaf option, 7 types of dyed cloth blocks, 7 sandstone variants, 5 lapis lazuli ore blocks, 3 lapis lazuli decorative blocks, 3 types of cake, 18 furnace top options, 22 dispenser options, a new flower, 4 new community-submitted wood planks, 2 dispenser GUIs based on community-submitted designs, chain mail textures, 2 sugar icons, a bone icon, 2 versions of every dye colour, 5 lapis lazuli options, 5 ink options, 3 bone meal options, and 4 types of squid.

Jan 11th update:

a new moon, 2 new winter gravel textures, a winter furnace texture and powered cart, a winter gingerbread clay alternate, 2 half blocks, a new iron block, 4 new railway options, 2 new signposts, 5 new radios/musicboxes, a new door, 6 new torches, 5 new windows, 5 new monster spawners, 2 new creeper skins, 2 new TNT crates, a new pig skin, 8 new cobblestone textures, 12 new mossy cobblestone textures, a new sheep skin, 5 new soul sands, 2 new redwire textures, 4 new redstone torches, and a new type of wool.